Nine-Year-Old Uvalde Victim, Ellie Garcia, Shared the Gospel Online Before She Died


One of the little girls who was shot and killed in Tuesday’s horrific attack on a Texas elementary school shared the Gospel to social media just before she died, her father shared online this week.

Ellie Garcia, 9, was a student at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and is remembered by her family for her faith and cheerful demeanor.

“Eliahna was such a sweet girl with a lovely and beautiful soul. She would light up everyone’s world with big smiles & big hugs,” her family wrote in a statement after the attack.

Before her school was targeted by an armed 18-year-old driven by pure, unfiltered evil, the little girl had made a TikTok video telling followers why Jesus died and expressing her love for her Lord.

“Hey, guys. I just wanted to give you a little catchup,” she said in the 15-second video, which was posted to Facebook by her father, Steven Garcia, CBN News reported.

“Jesus. He died for us. So when we die, we’ll be up there with Him,” Ellie, who would have turned 10 next week, said. “In my room, I have three pictures of him.”

“Why why why” her mourning father wrote in the caption.

A later post from Steven showed the little girl with her hands folded in prayer and revealed that Ellie prayed faithfully every evening with her family.

“Caught my Ellie Gee in the middle of her talk with our almighty… I love you baby girl and I love the way you pray,” he had written at the time.

“She prayed every night out loud so we can pray with her,” the bereaved father explained of the shared image. “I remember this day we had just bought the lamp that is on and she wanted to sleep with it on so she aired up her air mattress gave Us a hug and kiss and went to pray as mom made treats in the kitchen!!! These memories are all I have left.”

Social media users were moved by the child’s profound faith and took comfort knowing she is now with the Lord she loved.

“Her faith is inspiring, seeing these posts makes me realize how much I have to learn from such a young soul who was wise beyond her years,” one user wrote. “She will always be remembered. You and her mom are in my prayers.”

“He was waiting for that baby at the gate,” another said.

The Garcia family has set up a GoFundMe to support the grieving parents and Ellie’s sisters.

“Eliahna was such a sweet girl with a lovely and beautiful soul. She would light up everyone’s world with big smiles & big hugs,” the family wrote on the page.

“She will never be forgotten we will always remember our ramen noodle girl forever!!!! We appreciate all of our family, friends, surrounding communities, and everyone across the world for all the love & prayers our family has been receiving,” they continued. “We appreciate everyone’s donation during our time of need… please keep our family in your prayers as we have long days ahead of us.”

We are praying for the Garcia family and looking forward to meeting this little girl of profound faith in Heaven one day!

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