NJ Venue To Host Princess-Themed “Cupcakes With Drag Queens” Children’s Show


Yet another knock-off of the sickeningly popular Drag Queen Story Hour events has cropped up, this time in a small New Jersey town.

“Cupcakes With Queens” is a self-described “princess-themed children’s show with drag queens” that, unless we are successful, is set to take place on February 23 at the Birchwood Lakes Club House in Medford, New Jersey.

At the event, parents can pay $20 (plus $15 for each child over 2) to offer their kids up for an afternoon of sugary treats and drinks with strange men dressed as their favorite princess characters.

Aside from the fact that using cartoon characters and elements of play is a common tactic of predators to ensnare young victims, it never ceases to amaze us that parents will line up their children to be played with and influenced by a man whose primary function as a drag queen is to give overtly sexual performances in seedy night clubs.

Even drag queens themselves have spoken out about these sick events, calling well-meaning, “woke” parents “extremely irresponsible” for including their children in “gay, sexual things.”

The event was created by Medford Pride on Main, a fairly new organization whose mission is to “create awareness, education and support in the LGBTQ community.”

“We will provide events that focus on fun and friendship, while creating a safe space for individuals in every phase of their lives,” the organization’s awkwardly-worded description continues. “We will strive to enhance education forums with children, preteens, high school students. As well as secondary education which is the key to spreading the inclusion to all”

Given that the only available information about the event is to be found on a simple flyer and Medford Pride’s sparse website, I can’t imagine how gullible parents must be to think that this event seems legit. People do more investigation into a suspicious email or scam call than they do for events targeting their children!

You know what to do, folks!

Birchwood Lakes Colony Club, the venue hosting the event, has proudly advertised the event on its Facebook page.


As of this writing, no one has cared to enlighten Birchwood with the fact that drag is wildly inappropriate for children.

Let’s help them out.

Comment on their Facebook page and call Birchwood to urge them to cancel this sick event! We have seen more and more stories of success with story hours and other drag for kids events being canceled after activists just like you picked up the phone and made your voices heard.

If parents can’t even exercise enough discernment to protect their children from sexual perversion and grooming, we’ve got to stand in the gap for them.

Let’s get to work!

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