North Carolina Middle School Hosts Drag Show in Effort to Curb Bullying


Central Park School for Children in Durham, North Carolina, has kicked off the next phase of the LGBT agenda: middle school drag shows.

Grown men dressed as women dancing and singing for 12 to 15-year-old  soon coming to a school near you.

The event was orchestrated by Taylor Schmidt and Schara Brooks, two of the teachers at Central Park school who saw this as a means to curb bullying of students who are considered “different,” specifically LGBT kids.

The teachers decided to recruit the “drag queens to celebrate the unique differences between the school’s students,” according to a report by CNN.  

The CNN report, predictably, gives a glowing picture of the “anti-bullying” event, however, any sensible person should be hearing numerous alarm bells.

The report goes on to explain that the teachers allege that bullying was becoming a serious problem at the school and they were noticing the negative impact on the students.  In December, they decided to propose a schoolwide event to help students open their minds and see what it “means to be different.”

Bullying certainly should be addressed. Why does it have to be addressed with drag queens? Because 2019.

“Our drive was to remove barriers to success, belonging and the ability to thrive for all students,” Schmidt stated.  “It called for a hard look at the roots of these behaviors and intentional actions to liberate not just the bullied from oppressive acts, but the bully from the oppressive root causes of their actions.”

With this sentiment, the “Pride and Liberation Event” was planned with the leadership of two local drag queens and social activists Vivica C. Coxx and Stormie Daie.

Right off the bat, this idea should have been dead-on-arrival with the school administrators.  What kind of a name is Vivica C. Coxx? Seriously? What’s worse, the drag house from which these performers hail is called the “House of Coxx,” and this all seemed good and appropriate for middle school students?  These names are highly suggestive and vulgar. At best.

Schmidt told CNN that he considered the event a “partnership,” but really, he “followed the lead of the performers,” because the drag queens of the House of Coxx surely know how to appeal to middle schoolers, right?


“They have been the ones sticking their neck out for years to do this kind of work on behalf of the community.  They create spaces that are free for everyone… by fully recognizing every aspect of identity.” Schmidt said. On behalf of the community? Seriously? How much does the community benefit from garish men in drag performing in seedy nightclubs?

Let’s not forget that “every aspect of identity” certainly doesn’t include anything Christian or heteronormative, of course. These are not valid identities anymore.

The House of Coxx is described by CNN as “an advocate for social and racial issues in the Durham area,” but this was the first time the drag queens were asked to come to a middle school to be “celebrated.”

At the end of the day, they can call the event whatever they like. This is about celebrating and promoting homosexuality, drag queens, and all things LGBT.

Worthy of note is what the drag queens themselves think they’re teaching the students: be someone else to “be yourself.”

“I thought they must be feeling so empowered to see someone being themselves on stage,” “Vivica” told CNN about the students. “Visibility matters, and seeing a queer person of color on stage saying ‘this is me’ has an impact that no one can really measure.”

The problem with this is that “Vivica C. Coxx” is not who this person really is.  It is a costume and a character; it’s all an act. The message that this is sending is not “be who you are” but rather “do whatever feels good.”

This kind of message is so damaging to the building of moral character and values in young people.  Children need to be taught to live within boundaries and to do what is right, not what feels good.

Schmidt is now encouraging other schools to follow their lead: “If schools are nervous about doing the work of Pride and Liberation, we get it … but what to us seems daring, to our LGBTQ+ students could be lifesaving. Public school educators ultimately teach for liberation — that’s the job.”

Pray for our public schools and that teachers with this type of misguided mentality towards their job and purpose will not be allowed to pervert the minds of a generation of children.


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