North Carolina School Policy Demands Support For LGBTQ “Diversity”


Public schools in the 21st century are no longer about equipping children with the skills they will need to be fully functioning contributing members of society, nor is it about sharpening reasoning skills and enabling children to have calm debates and discussions with people who may have different worldviews than their own.

Instead they have become leftist indoctrination centers that exist for the sole purpose of filling up your kid’s head with their own brand of morally corrupt ideology designed to usurp authority from mom and dad and place it in the state.

This strategy is evident by the recent push in many schools to adopt policies involving LGBTQ topics and issues.

In fact, a debate on this topic is raging on right now in North Carolina.

Charlotte Observer reports:

A public showdown over the role of sexual orientation and gender identity in public education is looming at Tuesday’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board meeting.

The board is scheduled to vote on a revised multiculturalism policy that expands the definition of diversity and strengthens the mandate to “intentionally (incorporate) diversity throughout the curriculum, instruction, and professional development.”

But first board members will hear from the public. Both the Raleigh-based North Carolina Values Coalition, which opposes the change, and MeckPAC, a local LGBTQ rights group that supports it, are urging people to make their views known.

The board held its first public hearing on the change Jan. 9. Only half a dozen people, all students and parents who support the change, spoke then.

But the controversy comes as no surprise. CMS faced protests from the Values Coalition in 2016, when then-Superintendent Ann Clark revised the district’s anti-bullying policy to add protections for transgender students.

Sensitive issues involving sexuality are things that should be handled at home by parents, not at a public school by teachers who are virtually strangers and might be teaching children a worldview that are opposed to the one parents are instilling outside of the classroom.

Sadly, the federal government has their hooks firmly planted in public education and thus get the full say on what is taught to our children, which is why it’s likely time to start discussing how to strip the government of this unconstitutional power and restore public education to parents and local communities.

Privatization of education would also be a step in the right direction, opening up competition in the marketplace so that options exist for people of all walks of life to play a greater role in what children are being taught.

Homeschooling is also a great option that should be explored by those not interested in having their kids exposed to the LGBTQ agenda, especially at young ages.

It’s also encouraging and critical to note that a group of concerned mothers have decided to fight back against this twisted sex education. The movement is called Sex Ed Sit Out and they have a Facebook page you can visit here.

The group is putting together an event encouraging parents to pull kids out of class on April 23rd in protest. Go check them out and join the fight!