North Carolina Throws in the Towel in the Bathroom Debate


Last year, North Carolina became the center of the transgender bathroom debate with the passing of HB 142, which forbade biological men from using the women’s restroom or locker room despite what they were trying to convince themselves and others with their outward appearance.

This caused quite a stir between those who adamantly support grown men being able to use the same restroom facilities as little girls, as well as sensible people who think it is quite reasonable to let bathroom usage be dictated by biological reality.

HB 142 “forbade local entities from passing ordinances that allow biological men to use women’s restrooms or locker rooms,” the Christian Post reports, but now, Governor Roy Cooper has reversed it along with signing an executive order that bars discrimination based on several different factors, including gender identity and sexual orientation.

The reversal of H.B. 142 came as the result of a settlement between Governor Cooper and LGBT groups who had been challenging the bill.

“Under H.B. 142, and with respect to public facilities that are subject to Executive Branch Defendants’ control or supervision, transgender people are not prevented from the use of public facilities in accordance with their gender identity,” the settlement agreement reads.

“The Executive Branch Defendants as used in this paragraph shall include their successors, officers, and employees. This Order does not preclude any of the Parties from challenging or acting in accordance with future legislation,” the agreement continues, adding that the government is now “hereby permanently enjoined from enforcing Section 2 of H.B. 142 to bar, prohibit, block, deter, or impede any transgender individuals from using public facilities under any Executive Branch Defendant’s control or supervision, in accordance with the transgender individual’s gender identity.”

Executive order 24 forbids businesses from discriminating against transgender individuals in their restroom policy, as well as mandates that businesses who do contract work with the state enact certain anti-discrimination policies.

“North Carolina has a strong commitment to maintaining an excellent statewide workforce and a robust economy, and must eliminate discrimination, harassment, and retaliation to attract, grow, and retain its workforce and build its economy,” read the order.

“State agencies, boards, commissions, and departments under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Governor will not adopt policies or regulations barring, prohibiting, blocking, deterring, or impeding any individual who lawfully uses public facilities under their control or supervision, in accordance with that individual’s gender identity.”

Conservatives in North Carolina have been working hard to maintain common-sense bathroom laws in the state, and they are greatly disappointed by this move.

Groups like the North Carolina Values Coalition spoke out against Governor Cooper’s actions, and Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald said in a statement that he “has betrayed the people of North Carolina.”

“The Governor’s and Attorney General’s actions today constitute a massive power grab, with sweeping changes that only the Legislative Branch has the authority to enact,” she said. 

“Josh Stein has betrayed the people of NC by failing to defend the laws of the state and, instead, elevating LGBT privileges above the rights of common everyday people to privacy and safety in bathrooms and showers. It is despicable, and the voters of NC will hold these two accountable.”