Northern Ireland Allows Women To Travel To England For Abortions In Spite Of Pandemic


It is disturbing to see the great lengths to which pro-abortion politicians are going to ensure their populace is able to continue the legal termination unborn life in the midst of this global pandemic.

According to The Irish News, Northern Ireland’s Secretary of State Brandon Lewis has given permission for women to travel to England to abort their unborn children even amid the nation’s broad-sweeping lockdown.

In Northern Ireland, lockdown measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus include staying at home except to buy food, care for vulnerable people, do work deemed essential or briefly exercise within 2km (1.2 miles) of home.

While women in England have access to abortion pills to take from home, that option is not available to women in Northern Ireland.

The Department of Health had planned to allow women to continue to travel to England for terminations, but travel restrictions due to coronavirus have “placed the arrangement into difficulty,” The Irish News notes.

Lewis clarified, however, saying that travel is currently appropriate for “medical needs,” such as abortion.

“Travel should only be for essential travel, one of those key points is a medical need or the need to provide medical care and support to other people. So if there is a medical need for someone to travel, that is something that is appropriate within the guidelines,” he told the BBC.

Northern Ireland, of course, is still part of the United Kingdom. It is Ireland, a sovereign nation that is no longer part of the UK, which repealed its eighth constitutional amendment in 2018 which had previously given unborn children equal rights under the law.

In late March, meanwhile, the Northern Ireland Office passed new abortion regulations that allow abortion on demand through 12 weeks gestation with no limit on abortions purportedly to save the life of the mother.

“We are in unprecedented times, the health service has got a huge range of work to do, quite rightly focusing as well on dealing with this virus,” Lewis said.

“We just wanted to make sure that we are clear that there is an ability there, people can actually access the ability to go forward,” Lewis continued. “We’ve done everything we can to put in place a safe system for women in Northern Ireland with that legislation and that will continue while the executive itself is working through how to establish abortion services to be in place in Northern Ireland.”

“I would encourage people to look at the outline of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service who are contracted to provide the booking services for women travelling to England if they need to access abortion services,” Lewis went on.

“We are keeping this under review,” Lewis stated. “There is some really quite upsetting cases of women who have had to look to abortion as a medical need and we’ve got to make sure that that provision is there for them… and that is there at the moment, obviously long term we want to see that provided properly and officially in Northern Ireland.”

I only wish I could say I’m surprised that abortion—the willful and violent termination of innocent human life—continues to be treated as legitimate healthcare. Surely the Lord is judging our wicked world and our hard hearts.

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