Norwegian Woman Under Investigation for Hate Crime for Stating That Men Can’t Be Lesbians

Screenshot: YouTube

A Norwegian feminist has found herself under police scrutiny over her implied assertions that men cannot be lesbians in the midst of an open feud with transgender activists.

Christina Ellingsen of the feminist group Women’s Declaration International (WDI) is reportedly under investigation for a hate crime after allegedly tweeting questions about the transgender group Foreningen FRI last year.

“Why [does] FRI teach young people that males can be lesbians? Isn’t that conversion therapy?” Ellingsen is accused of tweeting in October last year.

Her second allegedly offending tweet took aim at Foreningen FRI adviser Christine Marie Jentoft, who TND reported filed the police complaint against Ellingsen.

“Jentoft, who is male and an advisor in FRI, presents himself as a lesbian – that’s how bonkers the organization which supposedly works to protect young lesbians’ interests is. How does it help young lesbians when males claim to be lesbian, too?” Ellingsen reportedly wrote.

The feminist also reportedly told Jentoft on national television that “You are a man. You cannot be a mother.”

“To normalize the idea that men can be mothers is a defined form of discrimination against women,” she also declared.

In January 2021, Norway added “gender identity” to its current hate crime laws, something which WDI warned at the time could lead to people serving time for stating simple biological facts, something which they appear to have been vindicated in now that one of their own members is facing up to three years in prison for her statements.

“A woman is an adult human female. It is physically impossible to change sex. Gender identity refers to a person’s subjective convictions, and to persecute women for refusing to accept subjective convictions they do not agree to, is a human rights violation,” WDI said in response to the investigation.

“Women must have the right to correctly sex men, to refuse men’s subjective convictions and to freely express what they see with their own eyes without facing criminal persecution.”

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