NOT A JOKE: Welsh Professor Tries to Debunk Gender…Using Berry Muffins



This is apparently a real social experiment, conducted by a professor at a top UK University, for which she was compensated around $13,000.

To demonstrate gender ideology using blueberry muffins.

I guess this is how desperate the left is to try to convince us that gender is determined by anything other than basic biology.

Here’s the kicker: the flaws of her argument don’t even have to do with the ridiculous use of muffins. 

The Daily Wire has the story:

t sounds ridiculous, but it’s true: as part of the “mixed-muffin gender berry challenge,” roughly 1,400 young Welsh people participated in an exercise with muffins designed to make them feel what a transgender person feels. The challenge worked like this, according to The Times:

The exercise distributes muffins around a group. Those whose cakes have blueberries inside are asked to stand by blue balloons, representing the stereotype of masculinity in one corner of the room. Those with raspberry muffins are asked to stand by pink balloons, representing the stereotype of femininity, in another corner. Those with mixed muffins found that they had no place to stand.

The challenge is one of the exercises included in Agenda, a free online toolkit; the guide for the challenge stated:

After this activity, we asked how they felt being categorized according to a muffin they did not choose, what it felt like to go to a gender-coded corner that they might not identify with, and what it felt like not to have a corner at all. This got us all talking about how we come into the world already coded through gender labels; how you can’t assume someone’s gender by how they look: what it feels like to be given a gender you might not choose; and not to have your gender represented at all.

The author of the challenge, Emma Renold, professor of childhood studies at Cardiff University, was paid over $13,000 for her work including the Agenda guide. She is the author of “Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities,” “Children, Sexuality and Sexualisation,” and “Young People and Gender & Sexuality Activism.” She chaired the Welsh Government’s expert panel on the Healthy Relationships Curriculum.

Muffins or no, this experiment is ridiculous.

Gender is not determined by someone handing you an “assignment” at birth, it’s coded in your DNA. Just like being short, tall, black, white, or prone to premature balding.

It’s fitting that the experiment would frame gender identity in this way, though, as if there is someone to blame for one’s biological gender.

There is One to blame–God, who created each and every one of us in our mother’s womb. Because of sin, which entered the world through Adam, people are subject to a number of abnormalities which, in an incredibly small percentage of the population, can take the form of a mental disorder which, for whatever reason, causes someone to not “feel” like they were born in the right body. And up until a few years ago, it was widely understood by the medical community to be just that: a disorder.

You do not get to choose your gender any more than an aging woman gets to choose Botox. You can try all you want to change your outward appearance, the gender embedded in your DNA will never change, nor will your accountability before God.

What these people are teaching is not just silly, it’s a downright attack on truth. And I don’t care how politically incorrect it is, we’ve got to step up and fight back before it’s too late.