Notorious “Jessica” Yaniv Promotes New Nudist Swim Event With Free Admission For Children


He’s at it again, folks.

We’ve been covering the antics of Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, the self-titled transgender activist, some time now. Each time the man winds up in the headlines, its for a crazier, more disgusting incident than the last.

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve shined a light on Yaniv’s hideous practice of harassing young girls and fetishizing their menstruation (as well as his own imaginary periods), his crusade to rid Canada of anti-transgender estheticians who refuse to wax his male genitalia, and other assorted scandals and apparent crimes for which he has yet to answer.

In this latest update on Yaniv, who still walks free in his home province of British Columbia, it appears his previously failed attempt to host a topless swimming event for adults and minors may have found some success through another organization.

According to a tweet by Yaniv, the Skinnydippers Recreation Club hosts a monthly nude swim in Surrey, and—lucky for him—children can attend for free.

“Great to see inclusiveness and more inclusiveness on Sunday too!” Yaniv wrote, praising the event. “We’re all human.”

According to the event page, “Family Nude Swim” attendees must be members of the nudist club. 

It’s already beyond creepy that nudists are allowed to gather at a public pool, let alone with children. The creepy-meter will crack if Yaniv makes an appearance!

Perhaps we should appraise the Skinnydippers of Yaniv’s notoriety—in case they aren’t already aware—and let them know that it would be wise to protect their already inappropriate gathering from a predator like him.

Reach out to the club on Facebook with a link to this article (and our previous work on his vile attempts to get into a pool with naked minors) and let them know that Yaniv has their event in his sights!

Yaniv is the embodiment of the LGBT movement’s trojan horse. As long as sexual “inclusivity” is social dogma, predators and perverts are free to sneak in and demand acceptance. 

We’re not falling for it.

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