NPR Airs Favorable Segment on Doctors Performing Abortion As “Civil Disobedience”


The taxpayer-funded outlet NPR recently aired a segment shining a favorable light on doctors who perform abortion as an act of “civil disobedience” in states where the procedure has been banned.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a ruling this summer, it ended a decades-long precedent that had consistently blocked state attempts to ban abortion.

Over two dozen states promptly moved to restrict abortion, and now fourteen states including Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Arkansas have laws in place that protect right to life for the unborn by fully banning abortion.

NPR, however, drew grim attention to the fact that these laws are now preventing doctors from taking the lives of unborn children.

“The fear of these laws has caused some doctors to delay or deny abortions, including in emergencies,” Rachel Martin, the host of Morning Edition, explained.

“Some doctors are asking themselves tough questions. When they are forced to choose between their ethical obligations to patients and the law, should they defy the law?” she continued.

As bioethicist Matthew Wynia told reporter Selina Simmons-Duffin, this would require acts of “civil disobedience” from doctors who insist on abortion unborn children under the pretense that it would be immoral to neglect to do so.

Wynia said he found it “disturbing” doctors would obey state laws and decline to perform abortios, calling instead for them to “take a stand against these laws, when necessary, using civil disobedience.”

“If the law is wrong, and causing you to be involved in harming patients, you do not have to live to that law,” he declared.

NPR went on to point to several situations where patients might face potential harm if they carried a pregnancy to term, such as a heart condition or threats of self-harm.

Wynia further called on the medical community to “say clearly” that it will back doctors who “follow the standard of care for a patient even if it violates state abortion laws.”

Contrary to what you’ll often hear from pro-abortion politicians and media outlets, in every state where abortion has been restricted or banned, doctors are still legally able to save a woman’s life when it is being threatened by an ectopic pregnancy as well as to administer care when she is suffering from a spontaneous miscarriage.

H/T Fox News

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