Nuts! The PC Police Flash Their Lights at British Candy “Nutters” for Being Offensive


A popular British candy brand, Nutters, has been accused by the PC police of being “offensive and distressing” to those suffering from mental illness.

The candy, made of chocolate-covered nuts is named after the common British colloquialism for someone who is crazy or very eccentric, quite like the American “nuts” or “crazy”. The packaging depicts several of the candy pieces with crossed eyes on the front. Another candy produced by the company, “Choccers”, has the exact same characters on them, but I’m guessing that does not ease anyone’s mind, because political correctness.

What seems like a silly, innocent play on words used by a savvy marketing team of a successful candy company to some, is, of course, a crime against politically correct humanity.

Liberal Dem MP Norman Lamb, who’s 29-year-old son Archie has struggled with mental illness, says that the name of the candy brand, which has been in circulation for a year, is “pejorative” and “not the sort of expression we should be using these days”.

“If you just say nothing and just allow these products to be normal practice, it perpetuates a negative view of mental health – that there’s something weird and odd about you,” he continued.”Just think about being a teenager and thinking ‘do I want to be defined as a nutter?”

Dr. Sophie Dix, Director of Research at mental health research organization MQ, agrees.

“While we have seen a positive change in perception of mental health, promotion of products with offensive language and distressing imagery is a real step backward for progress,” she says.

“We need to be doing much more to recognise that it’s nothing to be ashamed of and embarrassed about and encourage young people to get help.”

Poundland, the company that produces the “Nutters” candy, seemed unphased by the arbitrary criticism, saying, “These chocolate-covered nuts have been a customer favorite over the last 12 months and that popularity suggests it hasn’t caused offense to them.”

They did say that they do make an effort to listen to feedback, and will be sure to assess the criticism at their next formal review.

This is a great example of political correctness going way, way too far. This British MP is worried about the title of chocolate-covered nuts offending his son, but thinks nothing of the pressure it might put on his son to be put in the spotlight?

In both the UK and the US, people are becoming so obsessed with PC-culture they seem to be going…well, nuts.

Seriously, people. It’s just candy.