NY Court Rules Amish Children Cannot Use Religious Vaccine Exemption To Attend Their Own Schools


New York parents have suffered another devastating defeat in their battle to restore medical freedom.

As we reported back in June, the state stripped the religious exemption clause from its law requiring certain vaccinations for schoolchildren. In so doing, the Democrat-dominated legislature robbed some 26,000 children in the state of the opportunity to attend public and private schools.

Although several appeals and lawsuits have followed the disheartening decision, an attempt to preserve exemptions by the members of the state’s Amish community has come to a bitter end.

Amish America reports:

Amish father Jonas Stoltzfus recently filed a lawsuit challenging a new New York state law requiring students to be fully immunized against contagious disease.

Stoltzfus says he was informed that his three children will be blocked from attending their Cranberry Marsh School, a traditional Amish school in this Seneca County settlement of six church districts. All 24 students at the school are Amish.

Stoltzfus’ case was based on clear religious arguments:

Stoltzfus’ opposition to the law was based on his belief that “God made his children ‘right and good’ and to vaccinate his children is to lose faith in God,” the lawsuit states.

It added he believes “to rely on a manmade solution would be an act of disbelief in the power of our God to heal and protect us.”

According to the Democrat And Chronicle, Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle upheld the exemption repeal, granting the state’s powers of public health law enforcement superiority over citizens’ religious liberty.

“Put another way, the free exercise clause of the New York Constitution would yield to a valid exercise of the state’s police powers,” Doyle wrote in the order last Tuesday.

“Judge Doyle’s bare-bones, elementary opinion is both frustrating and disheartening, if not surprising,” said James Mermigis, Stoltzfus’ attorney, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

“The glaring absence of any analysis of the plaintiff’s strongly held beliefs and the unreasonable burdens on those beliefs – more so, the absence of even the word Amish – shows an unhidden, callous disrespect for religion,” Mermigis added.

There you have it, folks. Unless you submit every single aspect of your life, even your private healthcare decisions, you cannot even send your children to a private school that you and your neighbors built with your own hands. 

Say what you will about the risks and benefits of vaccination; this is absolutely ludicrous.

This is the same state that has lifted virtually every restriction and regulation on abortion, banned cat declawing, and allowed illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses, people.

While the New York state legislature is clearly overrun with megalomaniacs, it is not the only state poised to eradicate the liberties of its citizens.

New York is just one of five states, including West Virginia, Mississippi, California, and Maine who now require all children to receive every single mandated vaccine in order to attend daycare, public school, and private school.

According to No Deception, the American Academy of Pediatrics has announced that their number one priority is the removal of the religious vaccine exemption from every remaining state in the country.

With many states, including New York, looking to add the human papilloma virus (HPV) shot to the required schedule for schoolchildren, more parents are finally waking up to this tyranny.

If the pharmaceutical industry and massive, well-funded entities like the AAP are allowed to tighten their grip on state policymaking, there will be no safe haven for families who wish to exercise their right to informed refusal of any vaccine—or those whose adverse reactions to shots weren’t severe enough to qualify for a medical exemption.

No matter where you live, no matter what decisions you make for yourself and your family, you must stand up and fight for religious liberty. To stand quietly by and allow your neighbor’s rights to be stolen is inexcusable. Don’t fool yourself—they won’t stop with vaccines. As we’re seeing elsewhere in the country, even a parent’s right to protect their child from dangerous “gender transition therapies” is at serious risk.

The fight isn’t over yet.

Make yourself aware of vaccine mandate bills in your state. Reach out to your state representatives and senators and urge them to defend the personal and religious liberty of the people who elected them. Be emboldened to speak the truth against radical totalitarianism.

We must rise up and say, “enough!!”


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