NY Gov. Cuomo Limits Private Gatherings, Orders Bars, Restaurants, Gyms Statewide to Close at 10 PM


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is once more tightening his grip over social activities within the state in the name of fighting an uptick of coronavirus cases in the state.

The Democratic governor announced new restrictions on businesses and social events, slapping a 10 pm curfew on restaurants, bars, and gyms statewide. As for private gatherings, the governor has reinstated a 10-person attendance limit.

The curfew for restaurants and gyms will take effect Friday at 10 pm.

In an act of totalitarian benevolence, Cuomo clarified that bars and restaurants may continue curbside and delivery services after 10 pm.

If the curfew is not obeyed or effective, Cuomo warned that further measures would be up for consideration, including closing up indoor dining at bars and restaurants altogether.

“If these measures aren’t sufficient to reduce the spread — we’ll turn the valve more and part of that would be reducing the number of people indoor dining,” Cuomo told reporters on Wednesday. “If that doesn’t work, if these numbers keep going crazy … you will go back to a closedown.”

The reinstated restrictions come as New York state experiences an uptick in coronavirus cases, according to the New York Post:

Cuomo’s slew of announcements came as the state reported that 2.9 percent of tests from across the state came back positive Tuesday. The rate only fell to 2.5 percent when removing the state’s COVID ‘hot zones,” another worrisome sign of the disease’s potentially wider spread.

Figures from the city Health Department show that the average positivity rate for coronavirus tests taken over the last seven days has climbed to 2.52 percent — the highest rate since the Big Apple recorded a 2.61 percent positivity rate on June 9.

Cuomo added that the State Liquor Authority will take the lead on enforcing the new rules, admitting a deficiency of troopers to patrol New York City. Cuomo also took the opportunity to jab Mayor Bill de Blasio for not using the 34,000 NYPD officers at his disposal to enforce social distancing measures.

“I think this should be a relatively simple activity because what’s the alternative? We’re going to run New York City without the NYPD? Doesn’t work! Doesn’t work on any level,” Cuomo said. “One hundred and fifty sheriffs are going to substitute for 33,000 NYPD? Doesn’t work. It is an impossible situation.”

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