NYC Libraries Celebrate Increase in Budget with Drag Queen Story Hour


What better way to celebrate an increase in government funding than to bring in the friendly neighborhood drag queen? That’s exactly what Queens Public Library has decided to do. New York City-based drag queen “Angel Elektra” was invited to the Jackson Heights library last week for a special celebratory Drag Queen Story Hour.

What good, wholesome fun! SMH. 

Since the NYC public library institution has been such a good little LGBT sycophant, the city is rewarding them with a budget increase for the coming year. The budget, approved in June, includes an expense funding increase of $33 million and an additional $25,000 designated specifically for Drag Queen Story Hour events.

That’s right, the city is taking tax dollars and using them for the express purpose of exposing young children to perverted men dressed up as frightening-looking “women.” 

City representatives are elated at the prospect of more Drag Queen Story Hours.   

“I am especially proud to support Drag Queen Story Hour, a wonderfully imaginative and inclusive program for kids that encourages acceptance and a love of reading,” Van Bramer said. “Drag Queen Story Hour provides all kids with a space to be themselves and to see queer role models — something I desperately needed as a kid.”

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer along with fellow councilman Daniel Dromm put $5,000 each, out of their own pockets, into the Drag Queen Story Hour fund. Apparently, Dromm feels he missed out on exposure to cross-dressing and gender confusion as a child and doesn’t want to see future generations being so deprived.

“Drag Queen Story Hour is a fun and fabulous way of encouraging children to read. It is also a great way to teach them to embrace our society’s differences and diversity,” Dromm said. “It is no wonder that the program enjoys such widespread popularity throughout the city. Thanks to the funding the council has allocated to the program, many more families will now be able to experience the joy of participating in Drag Queen Story Hour.”

I don’t believe for a second Dromm even believes the words he is saying. How can anyone say this rubbish about drag queens reading stories to children with a straight face? Are families really experiencing “joy” when they attend these events? Not likely. Children are most definitely being left confused and most likely frightened.

It’s time we speak up and let NYC public libraries know we are watching and that this behavior is deplorable. It is unacceptable for city representatives to use tax dollars to fund these kinds of programs.

If we join together and speak out against this insanity, we can make a difference. Look at the success we have had in the past, such as in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we saw two events canceled and Jacksonville, Florida where a demented pervert was stopped from reading to small children.

At the very least, take the time to sign our petition to put an end to Drag Queen Story Hours and restore our public libraries to the safe, educational places they used to be.

If we as parents and responsible adults aren’t standing up to the madness, who will?


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