OANN Temporarily Suspended, Demonetized by YouTube Amid Election Controversy


The YouTube channel for One America News Network, an increasingly popular conservative news network, has been temporarily suspended and demonetized amid controversy and allegations of fraud in the presidential election.

According to the New York Times, which unsurprisingly characterizes OAN as a “right-wing [channel] aggressively pushing false claims about widespread election fraud,” it was a video discussing COVID-19—not the election—that pushed YouTube to shut down the channel.

YouTube reportedly removed a video from the platform that violated its policies against content claiming that there is a guaranteed cure for COVID-19. YouTube issued a strike against the channel as part of its three-strike policy, resulting in OAN being barred from uploading new videos or livestreaming on the platform for one week.

Although its unpopular reports regarding alleged election fraud weren’t the cause of its temporary censorship, the Times notes that the move by YouTube just happened to occur on the same day that a handful of Democratic senators urged the tech giant to reverse its policy allowing videos containing “election outcome misinformation.”

The Times continues:

YouTube has said OAN is not an authoritative news source and stripped advertising from a few of its videos for undermining confidence in elections with “demonstrably false” information. However, the videos remained available on the platform, helping OAN to gain share among right-wing channels.

In addition to the one-week suspension, YouTube said it kicked OAN out of a program that allows partner channels to generate advertising revenue from videos for repeated violations of its COVID-19 misinformation policy and other infractions. One America News’s YouTube channel will remain up during the suspension.

As of this writing, OAN has yet to issue a statement regarding the incident.

Folks, this is what conservative media is up against. Now more than ever, conservative news needs your support.

Anything at all that even hints at contradicting the mainstream media’s take on virtually any issue is immediately declared to be dangerous false news and a thoughtcrime of catastrophic proportions.

Rather than allow the discerning viewer to enjoy the free exchange of ideas and speech, these technocrats will simply censor and deplatform anyone who breaks from the status quo.

The time for conservative voices to enjoy basic respect and freedom in the mainstream is just about up. Are you going to let the Big Tech thought police tell you what to believe?

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