Obama-Era Federal Report Warned About Public School Teachers “Grooming” Children

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

In 2014, when Democratic President Barack Obama was still in office, the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report which warned about “grooming” behaviors in adults placed in positions of authority over children, including public school teachers.

This comes as so-called “sexuality education” in public schools has become a major political issue in recent months, with many conservatives deriding the left’s defense of graphic, values-based instruction on sexuality and gender identity as “grooming” of young children.

“In 2014, the nonpartisan GAO published a 72-page report warning about child predators in public schools, recommending that administrators monitor teachers for ‘grooming behaviors’ that could lead to ‘sexual misconduct’ and ‘sexual abuse,’” journalist and activist Christopher Rufo tweeted last week.

“It’s amazing that, in 2014, CNN knew Disney that had a ‘child sex predator’ problem and the GAO knew that public schools had a ‘groomer’ problem—and now we’re supposed to believe that both are ‘QAnon conspiracy theories,'” he added.

Rufo was referring to the media’s treatment of a recent conflict between the entertainment giant Walt Disney Company and the state of Florida, as the latter was pressured by LGBT activists to condemn Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ bill which restricted sexuality education in schools.

Disney has a long history of being accused of enabling child sexual abuse of its young stars as well as sexualizing them for roles and in Florida, several employees of the company have been scooped up in child predator sex stings in recent years.

The Post Millennial notes that the extensive report, “CHILD WELFARE: Federal Agencies Can Better Support State Efforts to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Abuse by School Personnel,” outlines tactics employed by figures like public school teachers to “groom” children for abuse.

“While child sexual abuse—the act of forcing a child to engage in sexual activity with a perpetrator—is generally criminal in nature, perpetrators of such abuse typically exhibit other inappropriate, and sometimes noncriminal, behaviors. These behaviors of perpetrators may be displayed on a continuum and may include grooming, sexual misconduct and child sexual abuse,” it states.

The preface of the report notes that, according to a 2004 report from the Department of Education, 9.6% of students are sexually abused by a teacher, administrator, or other school staffer at some point in their schooling.

“Further, the term sexual abuse may not capture the full spectrum of the issue,” the report continued. “While child sexual abuse typically refers to the criminal act of forcing a child to engage in sexual activity with the perpetrator, other inappropriate behaviors with children may eventually lead to sexual abuse.”

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