OfficeMax’s Anti-Christian Discrimination Represents Everything Wrong With American Culture


There is a simple double-standard that has become deeply embedded in the zeitgeist of American culture: it is OK to discriminate against Christians, and absolute anathema to discriminate against anyone else.

This double standard represents decades of a successful campaign on the left to implement critical theory and intersectional political theory, the post-Marxist philosophies of challenging all cultural norms and status quos and replacing them with…everything else.

So in America, this means tearing down the predominance of Judeo-Christian morality and replacing it with everything unnatural and anti-God.

An extreme example of this is the way the left is shamelessly mocking prayer and the comforting words of Christians following the horrific mass shooting of a church full of…Christians.

As Ben Shapiro aptly pointed out in his podcast today, would that have happened if a mosque had been shot up? Would the left be cursing those who pray to Allah following such a hateful crime? Never. Because they’re not Christians.

Another more subtle but equally telling example of this double-standard is the recent discrimination faced by Rob Pue, the publisher of Wisconsin Christian News.

According to LifeSiteNews, Rob visited an OfficeMax to have some flyers printed for an upcoming event he was hosting that featured a talk by Peter LaBarbera, “The Homosexual Agenda Exposed.” Peter LaBarbera is the president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and LifeSiteNews contributor.

Pue was assured his flyers would be finished by 10 am the following morning, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he received an email from the manager of printing, that informed him of the following:

Good morning Rob,

Unfortunately we will not be able to print the contents of the poster for Peter Labarbera.

The contents of the poster falls under the prohibited guidelines of our company’s Duplication procedures. We will be able to print the second request for the Veterans poster.

“Thank you for your understanding and let me know if you would like for me to proceed with your second request.

Jeffry A. Costigan

Print Supervisor|Office Depot, INC.

1629 N. Central Ave, Marshfield, WI. 54449

[phone number and email redacted]

Can you imagine if this had happened to a flyer for a Gay Pride event or wedding invitations for a gay wedding? There’d be lawsuits, national press coverage, and mass outrage. The employees of OfficeMax would be burned at the proverbial stake for sins against political correctness.

Instead, it was a Christian who was discriminated against, and in today’s world, that is to be expected. While Christians are forced to bake cakes and take photographs or risk losing the businesses they’ve worked hard to build and their whole livelihood along with it, no one can be forced to print their flyers.

Unfortunately for OfficeMax, they didn’t know who they were going up against, and Who was behind them.

Pue promptly consulted his attorneys and alerted the media, and sent this response to OfficeMax:

“Please CANCEL my order for the other poster,” he wrote. “Our attorneys have already been notified as well as national and international media. In fact, we have a British TV network coming to our event TODAY, so we will be sharing this situation with ALL the Media.

“Our attorneys have stated this is a clear-cut case of blatant discrimination and an open and shut case. There will be protests and a national rallying cry over this decision.

“We are closely affiliated with a national radio network and international media organization. We will spread the word about your policies and refusal of service.

“If Christian bakers, photographers, florists, etc. are not allowed to refuse service, neither is OfficeMax.”

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality have shared ways you can help out and stand up to this blatant discrimination:

We heard from someone who called Office Max’s (Office Depot’s) HQ and this is the best way to reach them: call 561-438-4800, then hit Option #2. From there, hit “0” and ask for the “Executive Consumer Relations Department” and you will be able to leave them a detailed voicemail message.–PL

TAKE ACTION: contact Office Depot (Office Max): National HQ [see “Update” above]: 1) online contact page; 2) 800-GO-DEPOT (800-463-3768); 3) Local Marshfield, WI Office Max store: 715-389-8820.