Ohio ‘Fairness Act’ Isn’t Fair to Anyone But the LGBTQ Community


There is a consistent trend in our culture and political arena of something called cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is the practice of “redistributing” cultural predominance, essentially, by punishing those who once dominated the culture (American citizens, Christians, etc.) and favoring those who were once on the outskirts of the culture (homosexuals, immigrants, Muslims, etc).

We see cultural Marxism at play all around us in the leftist agenda, as they have successfully demonized traditional, Judeo-Christian values and glorified counter-cultural, a-moral values like homosexuality, promiscuity, and gender insanity.

The proposed “Ohio Fairness Act” is a perfect example of this paradigm, and if it passes, it will be completely unfair to everyone but the LGBTQ community, and it’s cleary designed entirely for that purpose.

Great American Politics explains:

In Ohio, long considered to be an important swing state in presidential elections, a bill has been introduced into the state’s General Assembly that is nothing more than a bill to give LGBT individuals and organizations privileged rights over everyone else.

HB 160, known as the Ohio Fairness Act is anything but fair. The bill amends many existing pieces of legislation and supposedly establishes fairness in government, business and political campaigns. Hidden within all of legal jargon used to write a piece of legislation, is the following:

“(1) Publish, distribute, or otherwise communicate information that does any of the following:”

“(c) Promotes illegal discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, or handicap, age, or ancestry; or sexual orientation or gender identity or expression as those terms are defined in section 4112.01 of the Revised Code;[Emphasis Theirs]

The Act was introduced by Rep. Nickie Antonio, (D-13th District), who is Ohio’s first openly gay member of the General Assembly and is “married” to a woman.

Aaron Baer, President of Citizens for Community Values, says that this bill will–surprise, surprise–most likely serve largely to discriminate against Christians, rather than protect anyone from discrimination:

“This legislation proposes ‘to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. However, it actually … creates a discriminatory environment against people of faith in the marketplace and in ministry.

“The worst part about this bill as we’ve seen is that it could very well shut down Christian ministries in the adoption agency world [and] homeless shelters…

“There’s a specific provision in this bill that says domestic violence shelters in Ohio could lose state funding if they don’t allow biological men into their facilities.

“Now just imagine what that would mean to these women who have been abused – and it’s absolutely hypocritical of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio state house to even be considering a bill like this that would open women up to more assault.”

You see, cultural Marxism operates exactly like regular Marxism–in the attempt to level things out, someone always has to have something taken away. And in the case of this bill, it’s rights.

Great American Politics sums up the dangers of this bill:

If the Ohio Fairness Act gets passed and signed into law, it could force a Christian school or a Christian ministry to hire LGBT people if they apply for jobs and you know they will. It’s a certainty that LGBT individuals will intentionally target Christian businesses, Christian schools, churches and ministries, just so they can file a lawsuit, get lots of money and force the Christians to either go against their faith or shutdown.

Elizabeth, the Activist Mommy, took to Facebook last week to urge citizens to action against this discriminatory bill. If you are a resident of Ohio or know someone who is, please use this message and find your representative on the list below and ask them to oppose HB 160 today!

Wherever you are in the country, pray fervently that this terrible violation of the rights of Christians is not passed in Ohio.

Dear Representative,
Ohio is a tolerant and diverse state. HB 160 however, creates division.
This legislation violates the privacy and safety rights of women and children, and unnecessarily eliminates religious freedoms.
Please oppose HB 160 today.
Thank you

Committee Members:

Committee Members
Representative Louis W. Blessing III –
(614) 466-9091 – mailto:Rep29@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bill Reineke –
(614) 466-1374 – mailto:Rep88@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Kathleen Clyde –
(614) 466-2004 – mailto:Rep75@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Keith Faber –
(614) 466-6344 – mailto:Rep84@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Timothy E. Ginter –
(614) 466-8022 – mailto:Rep05@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Dave Greenspan –
(614) 466-0961 – mailto:Rep16@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Brigid Kelly –
(614) 466-5786 – mailto:Rep31@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent –
(614) 466-5343 – mailto:Rep25@ohiohouse.gov
Representative P. Scott Lipps –
(614) 644-6023 – mailto:Rep62@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Dorothy Pelanda –
(614) 466-8147 – mailto:Rep86@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bill Seitz –
(614) 466-8258 – mailto:Rep30@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Ryan Smith –
(614) 466-1366 – mailto:Rep93@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Martin J. Sweeney –
(614) 466-3350 – mailto:Rep14@ohiohouse.gov

Speaker of the House
Representative Cliff Rosenberger –
(614) 466-3506 – mailto:Rep91@ohiohouse.gov