Ohio Parents Lose Custody of Their “Transgender” Daughter Due to Objections to Hormone Treatment


Day after day, we hear awful stories of how young children are being indoctrinated with the lies of the transgender movement. More and more doctors, teachers, therapists, and other adults who are supposed to care for and educate young people are confusing and exploiting them with the ideology of their own twisted agenda.

At the core of the transgender movement is a very serious threat to our autonomy as parents and a recent case in Ohio proves just how far the state is willing to go to ensure the rights of the parent are not as important as how a child “feels”, and that an experimental “treatment” for gender dysphoria is better for a child than the guidance and counsel of her own loving parents.

Today, a grievous legal precedent was set as Ohio Juvenile Court judge ruled the grandparents of a 17-year-old would be awarded custody of their granddaughter and that the girl would be allowed to move forward with a life-altering hormone treatment that her parents had opposed.

Cincinatti.com reported on the ruling today:

A Hamilton County judge has paved the way for a 17-year-old who wants to transition in gender to undergo hormone therapy. The case pitted the teen against his parents.

Sylvia Hendon, a visiting Juvenile Court judge, issued a ruling Friday granting legal custody to the teen’s grandparents, who according to a prosecutor “accept their grandson for who he is.”

Hendon noted that the teen’s parents took him to Children’s Hospital in November 2016 for psychiatric treatment for anxiety and depression.

“That diagnosis rather quickly became one of gender dysphoria,” Hendon said, adding she was concerned that the director of the hospital’s Transgender Health Clinic said 100 percent of patients seen by the clinic “who present for care are considered to be appropriate candidates for continued gender treatment.”

The teen’s parents opposed hormone therapy and, according to the teen’s attorney, sought to maintain control over him and focused their case on denying his gender dysphoria. The diagnosis refers to someone who identifies their gender as being different from their biological sex.

Hendon said it was understandable that the teen’s parents “were legitimately surprised and confused when the child’s anxiety and depression symptoms became the basis for the diagnosis of gender dysphoria.”

We reported last month that the prosecutor, in this case, accused the parents of “making” their daughter suicidal, when in reality, the girl had been diagnosed with serious depression and 40% of transgender people exhibit suicidality. Her parents wanted to get to the root cause of her gender dysphoria, while the predators at the transgender clinic wanted to turn her into a human experiment.

This ruling sets a dangerous precedent. If parents can lose custody of their own children simply because they do not wish her to undergo a life-altering “treatment” that has not proven at all to be effective in treating gender dysphoria or depression, think of what else a parent could lose custody for.

We live in a culture that seems to elevate the desires of young children above the authority of parents and adults. Adults are either treating children like other adults and exposing them to drag queens at story time or exploiting them in over-sexualized photos, or they’re letting them chose their gender.

The adults who are “supporting” this poor, confused girl ought to be ashamed of themselves. At the end of the day, they don’t care about her health and well-being, they care about using her as a prop in their determination to change the culture so much that gender is rendered non-existent. The “transgender clinic” that is so eager to treat her seems to be positively evil and determined to prey on confused, depressed children for the sake of their own ideological advancement.

This is fundamentally an attack on God, on His creation which He made male and female, and on the authority God has given parents over their own children. How are parents supposed to raise their children properly if they’re not even allowed to teach them basic right and wrong anymore?

The family has remained anonymous for the privacy of the daughter involved, however, we can still lift them up to the Lord and pray that this young woman is restored to their care and to the God that loves her even more unconditionally than her parents do.