Ohio School Board Pres. Resigns Over Accusations He Tried to Meet 11-Year-Old Girl for Sex

Screenshot: YouTube

An Ohio school board president has resigned following his arrest over an alleged attempt to meet an 11-year-old girl to sexually abuse her.

John Gray, 60, was confronted on camera by the girl’s mother and members of the group Predator Catchers Indianapolis (PCI) and subsequently arrested after appearing to admit to arranging a meeting with the child and engaging with sexually explicit conversations online with her.

Gray even appeared to admit to a possible intention to sexually accost the child.

A video posted Saturday evening on YouTube shows John Gray, Goshen Local Schools board president, being handcuffed by law enforcement in Indiana. The content of the video is deeply disturbing to our entire school district and Goshen Local School community,” Goshen Local Schools said in a statement, The Epoch Times reported.

PCI posted the lengthy video of the confrontation with Grey to YouTube titled “60 Year old President of Goshen OH school board, meeting an 11 y/o.”

The group says that Grey traveled three hours outside Cincinatti to meet with the girl, whom he had been messaging. The girl’s mother confronted him in a Dollar General, where she asked if he knew how old the child with whom he’d been exchanging “very sexual” messages they’d exchanged on the Kik messaging app, he claimed he had “no intention of doing anything.”

He claimed that the girl had only brought up explicit subjects because “maybe this is what she’s looking for.”

Grey, however, admitted to telling her that she had “kissable lips” and that he wanted to “kiss and cuddle” her, as well as to telling her that he wanted to fondle her private parts while she called him “grandpa” and that he suggested she could strip to her underwear for a massage.

He claimed that all he wanted to do was comfort the girl, and that he’d gotten her number from someone else who said that “she needed help” and that he’d just wanted to “make her feel better.”

When her mother asked what would have prevented him from abusing the child when they ultimately met up, he claimed, “I can’t get an erection. I don’t have that problem.”

He said he’d mentioned her letting him touch her sexually “only if she wanted” again claiming “But I can’t. There no way I can have intercourse.”

At the end of the video, Grey is seen being arrested and taken into custody by police. On Sunday, police in Goshen confirmed that they’d visited his house and that he had been taken to the hospital for a psych evaluation.

“To be clear, Saturday’s incident occurred outside of the Goshen Local School district. Our district leaders will be consulting with legal counsel and should more information become available, we will communicate it to our families immediately,” the district also said of the shocking incident.

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