Ohio Sixth-Grader Reportedly Punished For “Misgendering” Classmate


The list of places for the children we raise to be challenged to be critical thinkers and moral citizens is dwindling. Unless our children are docile, impressionable, and susceptible to LGBT propaganda, they are no longer welcome in leftist-controlled spaces—even their own libraries and schools.

One Ohio sixth-grader found this out the hard way when his school disciplined him for “misgendering” his confused, biologically-male classmate who wants to identify as a girl.

According to The Blaze, the incident occurred back in July in a school district that has yet to be named.

The gender-confused student, referred to as “Boy A” in a press release from Liberty Counsel, began identifying as a girl during the 2018-19 school year and referring to himself with the feminine pronouns “she” and “her.” 

Unsurprisingly, the school readily complied with the student’s requests to treat him, in word and deed, as a female. 

Boy A’s transition was “heavily discussed at the school,” the press release adds, “particularly by a group of girls” in his class. His friend, whom the letter refers to as “John,” was “subjected to the conversations between the group of girls and Boy A about his transition” as often as every week or so.

During one conversation in particular between Boy A and the group of girls, hormone therapy and surgical procedures were brought up. As an aside, it should deeply disturb parents of any school-aged child that such conversations would take place in a school setting. Horrendous!

In the discussion of transition “therapy,” the letter states that John “disagreed as a factual matter,” and insisted that Boy A was not truly a girl. A second male student, unnamed in the letter, reportedly interjected that sex is “what you’re born with” and that sex is unchangeable.

In a letter to the district, Liberty Counsel writes:

[John] cannot in good conscience encourage [Boy A] in the false belief that he is a girl, through the use of false pronouns, or otherwise through agreement with the claim, because it would encourage [Boy A] in a fiction that may lead him to take harmful cross-sex hormones, and to seek non-medically necessary castration and removal of his “male private parts.” [John] believes in telling the truth, especially where a friend believes something that is not true, and that false belief stands to seriously harm the friend’s health, as castration and cross-sex hormones would seriously and irrevocably harm [Boy A]’s health. 

They’re absolutely right! All the hormone therapy and surgery in the world can’t truly change the gender our Creator gifted you with. May we all have the boldness of these two boys! 

Of course, with such boldness in declaring the truth—though the letter indicates that this was merely a conversation amongst peers, not an instance of pontificating or grandstanding by any means—we must also be ready for the fury of leftist thought police.

That’s exactly what John experienced after a district teacher reportedly overheard the conversation and reported him to the assistant principal for “bullying” Boy A.

In the assistant principal’s office, John was warned that “there might be consequences” for voicing his thoughts on Boy A’s gender confusion. The Blaze also reports that the assistant principal pulled John out of class a second time, threatening further punishment if he did not fall in line with referring to Boy A with his preferred female pronouns.

John was also reportedly slapped with both in-school and out-of-school suspensions in connection with the incident. If such reports are true, the school was surely looking to make an example out of this child. Shameful!

Thankfully, John received some small measure of justice after Liberty Counsel sent a letter on his behalf threatening the district with a lawsuit if they did not back down.

The letter reads, in part:

The First Amendment protects a student’s right to hold his own views, and to respectfully share them, where the issues of transgenderism, cross-sex hormones, and “having male private parts removed” are raised by others in conversation during school time where students may talk, and are otherwise permissible subjects of discussion. This is especially true where the student shares his views in response to conversations to which he is repeatedly subjected by others against his will. 

Moreover, the government may not take one side in a cultural or scientific debate, and turn classrooms into enclaves of totalitarianism. It is clear that if [Client] had said, “she [meaning [Boy A]] is a girl,” in response to the girls’ conversation, [Client] would never have been punished. He would have been praised and applauded. 

Students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Cmty. Sch. Dist., 393 U.S. 503, 506 (1969). District policies or practices may not prohibit students from politely expressing in an age-appropriate manner the commonly held, mainstream, factual view that sex is in[Client]; is biologically determined; and does not change based on subjective mental perceptions or claims. For the record, it is scientific fact there are more than 6,500 unique differences at the DNA level between males and females, in addition to the “XY” and “XX” chromosomal differences. None of these DNA differences between males and females change as a result of hormones, surgery, or castration. If [Boy A]’s parents have him castrated, he will grow up as a sadly mutilated boy.

In their letter’s final blow, Liberty Counsel warned the school that legal action would be swift if they did not wipe the incident off of John’s record.

In its own letter, the district assured that they would comply with demands set forth by Liberty Counsel. Now that’s what I call a victory!!

Train your children up in the way they should go, saints! May we all be so blessed as to have a child like John who will stand up for the truth!

While John’s right to the free exercise of his own conscience won the day, there is still a little boy out there who is at the beginning of the dangerous path of so-called “transitioning.” This child—and every child who suffers from gender dysphoria without anyone to advocate for them—needs our sincere prayers!


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