Ohio Teacher Placed on Leave After Highly Inappropriate Questions on Assignment


What is wrong with public school teachers these days?

Surely there are plenty of dedicated and hard-working teachers across the nation who know right from wrong, and what’s appropriate for the classroom and what isn’t.

But every day it seems, we encounter another story of an insane degree of inappropriateness in the classroom…whether that’s in the lesson plan or actual sexual abuse of students.

This story will surely blow your mind, from Fox 11 News:

A high school teacher in Ohio was placed on administrative leave following a classroom activity that angered parents and the community.

Thursday, the Hilliard City school district said they were made aware of a classroom activity “that should never have taken place.”

Several parents expressed concerns over questions that were asked in an online assignment for an English class.

Following legal consultation, the district made the decision to place the teacher on leave as an internal investigation takes place.

Here are screenshots of some of the questions–WARNING: these are highly disturbing:

What on earth?!

No sensible adult would think these were appropriate questions to ask a high school student. The assignment appears to be from some kind psychological assessment–it seems like this teacher is the one who needs the assessment!