Oklahoma House Passes Bill Protecting Parental Rights in Sex Ed, Female Sex-Specific Bathrooms in Schools

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The Oklahoma state House has passed a bill that would give parents the right to review teaching materials and would prohibit schools from forcing girls to share bathrooms and other facilities with biologically male peers.

“All this is about is trying to protect the family and tradition,” the author of SB 615, State Representative Danny Williams, R-Seminole, said of the legislation. “This is a way to say ‘don’t talk about this stuff with these kids until their parents say you can and if they say you cannot, you cannot.’”

KFOR reported that the bill requires that sexual education materials used in the classroom or sessions with counselors be inspected by parents or guardians.

Like Florida’s controversial Parental Rights in Education Act, the legislation would apply to instruction on gender identity and sexuality.

This comes at a time when parental rights in education is the top rallying point of the nation’s Republicans in response to growing parental concern over the nature of classroom instruction pertaining to highly controversial issues like LGBT lifestyles.

The Stillwater Press reported:

SB 615 requires school districts to make materials used for discussing sexual behavior, sexual orientation or gender identity available for parents to inspect. Students cannot be required to participate in any such meeting or course if their parents object in writing and superintendents are required to approve all curriculum about sexual orientation and gender identity used. Superintendents are also required to notify parents in writing of their right to inspect the curriculum and their obligation to let the school know if they don’t want their child to participate.

Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore filed an amendment to the bill which would require schools to adhere to a “biological sex” policy for bathroom facilities.

It reads:

Public schools, and public charter schools, that serve enrolled students in prekindergarten through twelfth grades, shall designate restrooms and changing facilities, that are intended to accommodate multiple individuals, as follows: 1. For the exclusive use of the male sex; or 2. For the exclusive use of the female sex. D. Individuals at a public school or public charter school shall use the restroom or changing facility that corresponds to the individual’s biological sex or “single-use” restrooms, if available. E. Each school district board of education shall adopt a policy to provide disciplinary action for individuals who refuse to comply with the provisions in this act.

It now heads back to the Senate to approve the amendment and is expected to then move quickly on to Governor Kevin Stitt’s desk.

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