Omaha Archdiocese Says Students Who Identify As Trans Might Not Be “Proper Fit” for Catholic Schools  

Photo by Graham Ruttan on Unsplash

The Archdiocese of Omaha has issued a policy regarding “human sexuality” and steps to take if a student identifies as trans including the suggestion that students who reject Church doctrine on sexuality might not be a “proper fit” for schools.

The Hill reported that the policy requires school and staff to address students by their given names and pronouns that correspond with their sex.

Students and staff must behave and present as their sex at all times publicly, including online.

Prospective students and their parents must agree to “respect Catholic teaching concerning faith and morals, and particularly those addressing human sexuality” for a child to attend one of the archdiocese’s 70 Catholic schools, according to the new guidelines which were sent out in recent weeks.

“A child cannot be enrolled in, and may be dismissed from (the school) in the event the child’s parent(s) resists the school’s instruction to the child in the Catholic tenets respecting the human person and human sexuality. A child whose parent(s) permits gender-affirming psychotherapy or administration of puberty-blocking or cross-sex hormone medications to such child or authorizes sex procedures or surgery cannot be enrolled in (the school),” the guidelines state.

“In this event, the parent(s) will be given the opportunity to withdraw the child from (the school). Should the parent choose not to withdraw, (the school) will dismiss the student,” they continue.

“Respectful, critical questioning of Catholic teaching in the classroom is acceptable provided it intends to help the student progress toward greater awareness and understanding,” the document clarifies. “Showing hostility toward or defiance of Church teaching demonstrates that a student is not a proper fit for the school.”

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If a student’s professed gender identity “causes confusion, disrupt the educational integrity of the Catholic education program, or cause scandal,” the school should discuss the issue with the student and their parents.

“If the matter is not resolved, the student cannot be enrolled in (the school). If the child is a current student, the parent will be given the opportunity to withdraw the parent’s child from (the school). Should the parent choose not to withdraw, (the school) will dismiss the student,” the guidelines dictate.

The policy also notes that schools shall not refer students to counselors or medical health providers whose views on gender identity do not align with the Catholic church, and that social and medical transition is “not a reality and not valid in the Catholic Church.”

Deacon Tim McNeil, a spokesperson for the archdiocese, told The Hill that the policy should hardly be a surprise to anyone familiar with the tenants of the Catholic church when it comes to sexuality.

“The church has been clear,” he said. “Pope Francis has been clear. Pope Benedict was clear. Pope John Paul II was clear about this. Catechism is clear.”

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