One of R. Kelly’s “Jane Doe” Accusers Says Singer Forced Her Into Abortion, Battered, and Imprisoned Her At Just 17


Singer R. Kelly has been accused of sickening behavior against women and children for years but, like many powerful and high-profile abusers, is now being made to answer for his sundry alleged crimes.

Live Action News recently reported that he is facing multiple state and federal charges and, as part of a New York trial currently underway, multiple Jane Does have given bone-chilling testimony of horrific mistreatment and abuse.

One woman has alleged that R. Kelly married the late singer Aaliyah when she was just 15 so he could obtain an abortion for her; this brave witness also gave her own account of being virtually taken captive by the singer and subject to psychological, sexual, and physical abuse as well as being forced into an abortion.

Live Action reported:

Jane was a junior in high school at the time, and hoped to pursue a career as an R&B singer, as well as earn a music scholarship to college. Jane thought she would be auditioning for R. Kelly, but instead, he immediately began pressuring her for sex. “I was against it,” she said. “I told him I did not come to please him. He continued to persist.”

Her parents, scared for her, called police to do a wellness check on her after they couldn’t get in touch with her, but they left, despite Jane showing them her ID which clearly showed that she was underage. Jane soon became one of R. Kelly’s “girlfriends,” and she moved in with him. However, with her senior year of high school approaching, she told R. Kelly that she wanted to move back with her parents and finish high school; she said Kelly responded by slapping her in the face. She was only allowed to contact her parents on Kelly’s phone, and if she tried to defend her parents to Kelly, he punished her. Eventually, she wasn’t allowed to contact her parents at all, and he told her that she had been sold to him by her parents for drugs.

“He would say that we were worthless and that we did not mean anything to them,” Jane said. “He would basically say they had sold us to him… and that we were in a better situation with him.”

Abusers often tear down their victims’ sense of self-worth and self-identity as a means of controlling them.

Kelly, as a famous, wealthy, and influential artist had all the power in the world to exercise over a young, impressionable high school student.

In an account that is reminiscent of the notorious NXIUM sex cult, Jane and the other “girlfriends” were kept isolated and their every move carefully controlled.

They were forced to perform degrading sex acts, which oftentimes were taped. Jane said she was kept in a single room for days at a time and forced to urinate in a cup.

If she displeased R. Kelly in any way, she said, she was beaten.

“I would get chastised nearly every two to three days,” Jane said. “He would leave bruises and sometimes it would make my skin tear.”

Kelly also allegedly infected her with herpes, although this was not diagnosed until the pain from the infection got so severe she was hardly able to walk.

In 2017, Jane was forced into an abortion despite wanting to keep her unborn child. The reason? She says Kelly “still wanted me to keep my body tight.”

Although the now-23-year-old Jane has finally escaped the clutches of a man long portrayed as a horrific, depraved, and abusive monster, she was defending him publicly as recently as 2019.

This was all done under his close direction, she says.

When Jane spoke to Gayle King for CBS This Morning that year, Jane says that Kelly was in the room with her and other women who attested to his innocence and would cough frequently to remind him he was there.

“I feel that I never deserved any of that,” Jane Doe said.

No, she most certainly did not.

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