One Simple Photo Triggered LGBT Activists to Harass This Australian Woman Relentlessly


“No” voters in Australia — those who will be voting no on a national survey on same-sex marriage — have been exposed to an unbelievable amount of harassment, from losing their jobs and being spit on, to being headbutted in the street and being threatened with arson.

Most recently, a farmer in New South Wales was brave enough to post her “no” vote on social media, only to receive countless angry messages containing horrible death wishes for her.

Kirralie Smith says she expected a backlash when she chose to post a picture of herself with her postal ballot, marked “no” on same-sex marriage, but she never imagined it would be so vitriolic.

“I did expect some haters to respond but I was unprepared for the barrage of hate, vulgar messages and threats I received,” she told the Daily Mail. 

“I notice that lesbians such as Christine Forster posed for such photos with her partner,” she added. “Did they cop the same level of vitriol and hatred for doing so?”

Included in the outpouring of hate for her picture were wishes that she got AIDS, would have gay children, advice to stand in front of a train, hardcore pornographic images, and countless profanities.

Smith is left disgusted and appalled that she has to put up with this much harassment for simply sharing what her vote would be in a very unoffensive way.

“Do I just have to suck this up? Are people really entitled to behave in such a manner when all I did was post a legal and acceptable option when participating in this postal survey?” she asks.

“I am not breaking any laws. I am upholding a current law. I am using my democratic right to exercise my choice. Why should I be subject to such horrid remarks and images for doing so?”

The survey will continue across the country for one more month, but this kind of hatred and violence is already rampant across the country. The Daily Mail says that pro-family and “no” vote rallies and events have been violently disrupted by “yes” vote counter-protesters, some carrying signs reading “Burn churches not people”. As if voting no on gay marriage is equivalent to burning a person!

It seems the problem of psychotic snowflake leftists is not unique to the United States, and Christians and traditionalists in Austrailia are facing terrible harassment for simply sharing their views.

Regardless of the harassment she received, we commend this brave woman for boldly expressing her beliefs! Pray for our brothers and sisters in Australia to remain firm in their faith and be covered in God’s protection for the remainder of this violent cultural battle.