Openly Gay Man Cast as Fairy Godmother in Upcoming Live-Action Cinderella Movie


Here we go folks…yet another woman disenfranchised by a man for the sake of LGBT “equality.” 

The classic Disney film Cinderella is a distinctly female story, one that depicts two powerful female archetypes in the lovely young princess of Cinderella and the motherly Fairy Godmother who prepares her for the ball. 

But it’s 2019, and all-female architects are under attack. Whether it’s women’s sports, homecoming queen, or live-action versions of classic animated films, women are being pushed aside for men who want to “break barriers,” i.e., who think they can be better women than actual women.

Can you say “misogynistic”? 

LifeSiteNews reports:

Billy Porter, 50, has been known for his current role as Pray Tell in the FX ballroom drama Pose, as well as for the extravagant hats and dresses he wears. Due to be released in 2021, Sony’s version of the classic Cinderella tale has been billed as a modern story that features an orphan girl who finds true love with a prince despite years of enslavement by her wicked stepmother. The role of Prince Charming reportedly has not yet been cast.

The Emmy Award-winning Porter plays the role of a fairy godmother who grants a wish to Cinderella, who is played by popular Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello. According to a statement from Sony, Cabello will be “integrally involved in the music for the film.” The production is being directed by Kay Cannon, who has helmed the Pitch Perfect movie franchise, as well as several television productions.

Cinderella will be Porter’s seventh movie role. In The Broken Hearts Club, he played a jaded homosexual man who is cast aside by his lover. An acclaimed singer and actor, Porter has played in Broadway productions that have included Kinky Boots, Angels in America, Miss Saigon, Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago, and King Lear. He has also recorded several albums.

According to People magazine, Porter became the first overtly homosexual black male to win an Emmy Award for best actor (2019) for the role of Pray Tell in FX’s Pose. He’ll also direct a forthcoming episode of Pose and is writing a memoir.

Recall, just over a year ago, Jack Whitehall was cast in Disney’s Jungle Cruise as a gay character and the LGBT community erupted in anger and indignation claiming the role should be played by an actual gay man. Now that very same group of people is applauding the decision to cast a gay man in the role of a woman. Not just any woman either, an iconic female role. The fairy godmother is one of the most well-known female characters in all of the entertainment industry.

Think of all the talented women who could have filled this role and appealed to a broad audience, not just virtue-signaling leftists who enjoy seeing gay men push women aside for their own self-validation. 

Women ought to be offended by this, it is offensive. Just another instance of confused and perverse men usurping women with society’s full stamp of approval. These gay men live a life of sexual perversion and deviance and are not only fully embraced by 21st-century society but are being afforded special privileges and favor at the expense of women’s dignity and equality. It’s completely mind-blowing.

Women are and will continue to be the losers when it comes to the practical application of the LGBT agenda in which women are continually slighted in favor of gay men and men who pretend to be women.

Liberals claim to be the party of women’s rights yet they are silent as women’s equality is once again trampled on by the LGBT community.


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