Opinion Writer Explains Why Men Should Wear Skirts to Escape From “Trap” of Masculinity


“Masculinity is a trap – which is why more men should wear skirts.”

This is the assertion being made by writer Arwa Mahdawi, who makes her case for cross-dressing for the sake of male empowerment…wait, what? 

So much for smashing the patriarchy. Now they just want the patriarchy to wear a skirt. 

In Mahdawi’s op-ed for The Guardian, she states her belief that more men should break away from the alleged trappings of masculinity when it comes to the way they dress. She cites Billy Porter, a homosexual man, as the beacon of modern-day men’s fashion saying he “isn’t afraid to wear a skirt” and that “it is a shame more dudes don’t try” to wear skirts and dresses like him.

Billy Porter is an over-the-top, flamboyantly gay man who makes no secret of his immoral sexuality by dressing like a woman. Porter, however, believes that dressing like a woman is actually a “powerful” thing for men to do. He told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on The Late Show, “Women wearing pants if powerful. It’s strong, everybody accepts it and it’s associated with the patriarchy.” He then asserts that “the minute a man puts on a dress, it’s disgusting, so what are you saying? Men are strong, women are disgusting? I’m not doing that any more … If I feel like wearing a dress, I’m gonna wear one!”

He isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity bucking against society standards for men’s apparel. According to Mahdawi, rapper Young Thug is “fond of skirts” and actor Jaden Smith “frequently and unapologetically” wears dresses from time to time.

Mahdawi opines, “It is sad that so many men are petrified about seeming effeminate. It is sad that it is not socially acceptable for men to experiment with fashion in the same way women can. Happily, however, things are changing gradually. No one looks twice at a guy with a man-bun or a man-bag any more; male makeup is a growing industry; and male rompers were a thing for a while.”

She explains  that in 2019, so many men wore “gender-fluid” fashions during London’s fashion week that GQ proclaimed “2019 is the year men will start wearing skirts.” And in closing, Mahdawi expresses support of this notion saying, “I certainly hope so. Masculinity is a straightjacket; it is high time more men broke free.”

Not only does the Bible warn that crossdressing is an abomination to the Lord, (Deut. 22:5) but this whole narrative that men are just prisoners of the masculinity standards of the patriarchy is just patently false.

Men who wear women’s clothing often do so as an expression of their sexuality which is, most of the time, homosexual in nature. Men dressing as women is an abomination because it is a reflection of the sexual perverseness present in their lives.

And, like the drag culture we often decry, in an effort to reject masculinity, the progressive effeminate man is actually attempting to usurp and appropriate women’s femininity.

This movement is not simply about fashion. If it were, these culturally-ignorant ideologues would look to hyper-patriarchal cultures around the world where men wearing tunics or shifts is quite normal. 

It’s entirely about sexuality and gender. It’s about LGBT-identifying men using “woke” culture to propel themselves to the top of the societal totem pole, so to speak. It’s about men and women losing their unique identities in favor of a “gender-fluid” society in which the only people who stand out are those “bold” enough to live “their truths” as the opposite gender to one degree or another.

This is the current culture in which we live. All we can do is continue to stand for truth and righteousness and shine the light into this darkened society. Pray for revival in America. 

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