Oregon Salon Owner Who Defied State Orders to Open Starts Organization To Help Other Business Owners


An Oregon salon owner who opened her business in defiance of state orders, only to find Child Protective Services waiting for her when she returned home, has filed a tort claim with the state in addition to starting an organization to help other businesses defend themselves against the state as well.

As we reported earlier this month, Lindsey Graham, the owner of Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon reopened her business despite lockdown orders from Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) during the coronavirus pandemic.

Graham claimed that she was then targeted by Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA), the state licensing board under the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) as well as being harassed by a social media outrage mob.

“We gave them what’s called a tort claim,” Graham said, according to PJ Media, “which is letting them at some point we are going to take legal action against Kate Brown, the state, CPS, OSHA], health licensing, all in one, for harassment and bullying and government overreach. We haven’t nailed down everything that we can go after them for, but essentially violating my civil rights. I became a target for the state and here’s all the different ways.”

Graham, who says she received a call from her nanny just hours after reopening her salon on May 7th that DHS had visited her home, says that as soon as she publicized her efforts to fight back against the state, the report from CPS vanished.

“We have found out more information regarding that report,” she explained, “that further reiterates that that report never should have gone through and I never should have been visited. We can’t say too much, but understand we have access to documents showing that that report was pushed through intentionally.”

She did, however, comment on the harrowing emotional toll the incident took on her as a mother.

“[CPS] closed the case. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I still went through what I went through, what my children went through. I’m not okay that that opening my salon and trying to work for a living has now created, you know a lifelong mark on my record,” she explained.

The agencies involved in the suit will be subject to discovery laws, so Graham hopes at some point to find out who was behind the seemingly coordinated attacks against her on the part of these state entities.

The harassment she and her family have endured on the part of individuals has been grotesque as well, she explained.

“I hate to play the victim because I did make the choice that I made to stand up and do it publicly,” Graham said, “but yeah, it’s been pretty emotional for my entire family. My husband’s had to really pick up slack at home while I’m trying to fight this fight on behalf of all small business owners across America, and that’s a big role to play and with that came a lot of scrutiny on social media.

“A lot of hate, a lot of name-calling, a lot of just personal attacks on me. My looks, my family, how I conduct myself from people who don’t know who I am. I don’t appreciate that at all.”

“Yes, I’m a murderer. That argument is laughable all on its own, because I will not sit here and argue with you about me doing hair, one-on-one, five people a day is more dangerous or even equally as dangerous as Walmart or Costco. If you think that that’s comparable, that it’s okay to go to Costco, and those people aren’t killing Grandma, I will not sit here and argue with stupidity,” she explained.

Admirably, Graham is not only standing up for her own rights, but wants to help other business owners do the same.

She’s taken GoFundMe accounts set up in her name and used them to form a legal assistance foundation, called the Glamour Institute for Freedom. Ha! We love it.

“It’s a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We just laid out the bylaws, which is that the main purpose of the nonprofit is to assist other small businesses in a legal fight that prevents government overreach.

“So the first goal is my personal lawsuit against the state, which if it succeeds, will set a precedent that if a business opens against a mandate, you cannot attack them and go after them, you can’t come after their kids. You can’t threaten their license. It’s our civil right and our human right to earn a living and open our businesses. It’s our right not to go bankrupt because Kate Brown says so.”

The Glamour Institute for Freedom will provide assistance for legal fees for other businesses who decide to pursue legal action against draconian coronavirus lockdown orders.

You can listen to her full interview on the podcast Behind the Curtain with Jeff Reynolds here.

We certainly hope to see many more business owners, churches, and citizens take up the fight and challenge state governments who have overstepped their constitutional authority in the name of this virus!

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