Oregon School Board Votes To Rebrand Schools Named After The “Lynch” Family

The Centennial School Board in Oregon has voted to rename two schools named after Clyde A. Lynch because his last name supposedly reminds people too much of the racist lynching that plagued America during the Civil Rights movement.


While there’s no denying that the term “lynch” represents a very dark time in American history, Clyde A. Lynch was not some flaming racist who went around living up to his name.

To the contrary, as Infowars reports, Clyde A. Lynch actually played an active role in helping to relocate refugees in the United States following World War II.

Nonetheless, facts aside, the “Lynch” name is apparently too offensive for some locals to handle.

As a result, according to The Daily Mail, Lynch Meadows and Lynch Wood Elementary will now be called simply Meadows and Wood Elementary Schools.

A third elementary school, Lynch View Elementary, will be rebranded Patrick Lynch Elementary, because apparently some people need the “Patrick” in there to be sure the school is not actually an institution dedicated to teaching children how to lynch people.

The Daily Mail reports that, during yesterday’s school board meeting prior to the decision to “de-lynch” the schools, things got quite heated.

“I don’t think any of you have ever seen a picture where one of your descendants was hanging from a tree,” one man reportedly told the board, apparently chastising the white members on it who think erasing offensive names goes too far.

Another attendee reportedly added, “I know the majority of you guys are white and it’s hard to know how that word could have an effect but it does. If a simple name change could make students feel safe, then why are we holding back.”

A quick Google search finds no news of recent lynching in Oregon that would warrant such fear.

Nonetheless, the vote was ultimately passed, sealing the fate of the two schools in question.

Speaking with KOIN, one resident expressed her displeasure with the change.

“I’m just disheartened because where will it stop?” Vicki Burnside is quoted as asking. “Any moment, someone could be offended by any name. Do we keep changing the name of everything? That would be the question, right?”

Online, similarly disparaging sentiments have been expressed by many.

The Daily Mail