Oregon Schools Set to Place Pads and Tampons in Boys’ Rooms for “Menstrual Dignity”

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Schools in Oregon have been instructed to place pad and tampon dispensers in all bathrooms, including boys’ rooms, by the 2023 school year in the name of providing “menstrual dignity” for gender nonconforming students.

In March, the Oregon Department of Education released its “Menstrual Dignity for Students Toolkit” which also directs schools to ensure that students are provided with “medically-accurate” instruction on how to use menstrual products in a manner that affirms their gender identity, The Christian Post reported.

This also includes the use of “gender-affirming language” when discussing menstruation and reproduction, such as using “menstruating students” or “someone with a uterus and ovaries,” rather than “girls” and swapping out “feminine hygiene products” for the more “inclusive” term “menstrual products.”

The toolkit also recommends the use of such gender-neutral terms “students,” “folks” “everyone,” “learners,” or “they/them” rather than “boys and girls” or “he or she.”

The Post notes that the Oregon DOE appears to be acting in compliance with legislation signed into law last year by the state’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown which requires schools provide students in high school grades and below with period products.

Illinois also passed a similar law last year which requires menstrual products in both boys’ and girls’ bathrooms.

“If you are biologically a female, but identifying as a male, you’re going to menstruate and you’re going to need these products,” State Rep. Kathleen Willis said during the floor debate for the bill last year.

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