Organization Behind “Comprehensive Sex Ed” Guidelines for U.S. Partnering With Vulgar Adult Toy Company


Warning: this article contains content that is not appropriate for children

The nation’s most influential organization promoting so-called “comprehensive sexuality education” has partnered with an adult toy company that parent advocates are warning hosts a vulgar, graphic webinar series on performing acts of anal sex.

The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, or SIECUS, is an organization that provided the first comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) guidelines for the United States.

UNESCO describes their guidelines as “Established by a taskforce of experts, they provide a framework for educators to create new sexuality education programmes and evaluate existing curricula. They define concepts, topics, skills and messages that should be at the core of sexuality education courses and explain at which age level information should be introduced.”

One of the organization’s top sponsors is b-Vibe, the self-professed market leader in anal products, whose sleek website boasts their accolades from publications such as Insider and Men’s Health along with signups for their webinars, “Seducing the Butt.”

B-Vibe also hosts seminars on “sexual education” in partnership with SIECUS, although it appears that the vast majority of their contributions to society are a host of various products to assist with, to be perfectly blunt, anal penetration.

B-Vibe is in no way loosely associated with SIECUS, either.

As we were recently alerted by the organization Project Our Kids, B-Vibe sponsored a SIECUS-hosted webinar on November 17th called Facing Injustice: A Reflection on Race in Sex Education as advertised in a recent mailer about the event.

The anal sex toy company has also partnered with SIECUS to support their “sex ed for social change efforts” in the past, such as to help them celebrate “Masturbation Month” in May through the purchase of one of their many vulgar products, all of which are designed to be inserted in one’s anus, as noted.

In September, SIECUS announced they’d be hosting a webinar series (it appears that webinars are a common mode of this style of “education,” which we can speculate has to do with the pandemic) in partnership with B-Vibe as well.

Here’s the anything-but-tasteful promo for this series:

So, let’s let that all sink in for a moment.

The organization at the forefront of pushing so-called CSE, an approach to “sex ed” that is recommended by medical organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, is working closely with a private company that sells anal sex toys and web-based classes in engaging in anal sex acts.

This is the modern state of sexual education, folks, and if you’ve been following our ministry for any amount of time you’ve likely been made aware of this.

These people want to get in our schools and teach your children about sex—and their guidelines, as detailed by UNESCO, are for students as young as kindergarten.

“Parents, educators and policy makers need to be aware of the alarming content B-Vibe is promoting,” Kathy McCarthy of Protect Our Kids told Freedom Project Media. “If this is the sort of perversion being promoted by SIECUS financial sponsors, can anyone trust this organization to provide objective, unbiased, sexual health education that will keep kids from experiencing the serious adverse effects of highly risky sex acts? Clearly, no.”

“SIECUS, their policies and partners CANNOT be trusted in our schools,” she continued. “Their agenda PUSHES kids into high-risk sexual behavior; compromising the optimal lifetime sexual health of all students.”

What parents need to be made aware of is that SIECUS could be setting the standards for sex ed in your school district.

Reach out to your school board and local legislators and let them know what SIECUS is up to.

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