Ottowa Court Determines Man Who Raped His Wife Not Guilty…Because Islam


Canada has been one of the Western leaders of rolling out the welcome mat for anti-Western values, all in the name of tolerance.

In a shocking recent court decision, a judge determined that an Ottowa man whose wife accused him of forcibly engaging in intercourse with her was not guilty of criminal rape because both he and his ex-wife were under the impression he could have sex with her whenever he wanted.

This makes sense considering this man, who was from Gaza, married his Kuati wife in an arranged marriage both were most likely practitioners of Islam, which teaches that a man can, in fact, initiate sexual content with his wife whether or not she consents.

The woman told police officers when the couple separated in 2013 that she had sex with her husband many times without consenting. The case centered around an incident in which he had pushed her to the sofa and removed her pants while she asked him three times to stop, and he had proceeded with intercourse anyway. She had not aware that she had a legal right in Canada to say no.

The man, whose name was not released to the public according to the BBC, was determined by the judge to genuinely believe this as well.

“Marriage is not a shield for sexual assault,” the judge who decided the case wrote.

“However, the issue in this trial is whether, considering the whole of the evidence, the Crown has proven the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Carrolyn Johnston, of the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, disagrees that the husband’s activity did not constitute sexual assault.

“Any sexual contact without explicit and ongoing consent is sexual assault – regardless of the relationship,” she told the BBC.

“He may have believed that he had a right to have sex with her as her husband, but Canadian sexual assault law is clear and was amended to include sexual assault against a spouse in 1983.”

It doesn’t matter what either spouse believed, the incident took place in Canada and both parties should be held accountable under Canadian law. Once this woman was made aware that his activity constituted rape, the law should have been on her side.

This is a dangerous example of the ways Western governments can set aside the best interest of all the citizens residing in their country to accommodate the very things that Western civilization was created to protect against.

We need to take a stand now and make sure this kind of legal precedence doesn’t creep its way into our judicial system!

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