Outrageous: Public School Tells Students That Sex Changes Are Perfectly Normal


If you don’t believe the federal government is exerting force and influence over local public schools to indoctrinate children with leftist ideology in an attempt to create future generations of statists, you aren’t paying close enough attention to what children are being taught and told by their educators.

Schools are becoming much more aggressive in their push to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism, a fact that’s evident by taking even a cursory glance at the sexual education curriculum being used in classrooms all across the country.

Kids are taught that boys pretending to be girls and vice versa is completely acceptable, normal behavior, despite decades upon decades of mental health professionals saying the contrary.

A great example of this kind of indoctrination comes from a northern Virginia public school where an assembly held just before Christmas featured a transgender activist making the case that getting a sex change was perfectly normal.

The Daily Signal reports:

A Northern Virginia public school held a school-wide assembly before Christmas break featuring transgender crusader Amy Ellis Nutt.

George Mason High School in the city of Falls Church brought in Nutt, a Washington Post reporter, to lecture students on her book “Becoming Nicole,” about a boy who “identified” as a girl as a toddler, had his puberty suppressed as a child, and was castrated as a teenager.

Nutt’s lecture hit all the usual notes. Your gender is “assigned at birth” by people who might get it wrong. Toddlers can be transgender. Moray eels change sex and female reef fish produce sperm when there are no males.

“Gender is a spectrum,” everyone must get “comfortable” with new gender language that is “changing every day.” Asking a biological boy to use the teachers’ rather than the girls’ restroom is “bullying.”

It’s not clear at this time whether or not parents were adequately informed about the content of the assembly, though one of the teachers who works there, but wished to remain anonymous, stated that they weren’t notified.

What’s more disturbing is that it doesn’t seem as if the school will hold further assemblies allowing other individuals who have a different view on the subject to express their beliefs openly so as to ensure children are provided information on all sides of the issue .

Would it not be beneficial to allow transgender individuals who had negative experiences with “transitioning” to the opposite sex to have time to share their stories and warn kids of the possible long term effects of these treatments and procedures? What about mental health experts who can discuss the issue of how transgender folk are at greater risk for depression and suicide?

These are important matters to discuss, but it’s highly doubtful this angle of the issue will be approached during classes at the vast majority of public schools.

In other words, the government is more concerned with indoctrinating kids with a twisted worldview that denies reality and truth, all to secure their allegiance, than they are with helping them to grow up to be productive, well adjusted, moral contributors to our society.