Over 82,000 People Have Filed Abuse Claims Against Boy Scouts


The Boy Scouts of America continue to crumble as the number of sexual abuse claims filed against the organization surpasses 82,000.

This is more than has made against other large organizations, such as the Catholic Church.

Ahead of a Monday deadline set by a judge for claims against the BSA, 82,663 claims had been made.

Each of these claims is still subject to a vetting process.

A legal coalition called Abused on Scouting has filed claims on behalf of victims between the ages of 8 to 93 and from all 50 states, Disrn reports.

In February of this year, the BSA filed for bankruptcy due to the crippling cost of sexual abuse lawsuits and declining membership as the organization allowed girls to join the previously boys-only organization along with acceptance of other politically-left stances.

The exodus from the once celebrated scouting organization has resulted in some religious groups or denominations, such as the Mormon Church, forming their own alternative organizations such as Trail Life USA.

Since 2017, the organization has spent more than $150 million in court rulings and legal fees as a result of sexual abuse claims.

The BSA is already set to use its own assets, estimated to be over $1 billion, to establish a fund to compensate victims under its Chapter 11 filing.

Disrn notes that “Despite the departure of many members, BSA has continued to double down on its support of various political stances. This included vocal support for the Black Lives Matter movement in June, when BSA announced it will begin requiring members to earn a ‘diversity and’ inclusion merit badge in order to become Eagle Scouts.”

The number of claims filed against the BSA is truly crippling.

What does it say about our society when an organization founded to raise up the next generation of strong, capable men has for decades allowed a culture of the most unthinkable kind of abuse to happen to tens of thousands of young men?

It’s both sickening and tragic.

We must do better to protect our children.

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