PA Clinic May Have Performed Secret Abortions On Underage Girls Without Parental Consent


Health department records recently brought to light indicate that a certain Philadelphia abortion facility appears to have violated Pennsylvania law by conducting secret abortions on underage girls without parental knowledge or consent.

According to Pennsylvania Department of Health inspection records shared by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, the Philadelphia Women’s Center has racked up a long list of violations, including repeated failure to ensure girls under 18 had a parent’s permission before administering chemical abortions with RU-486.

Inspectors discovered these events occurring in half of the ten medical records that they reviewed. Given that inspectors typically only review a small sample of records, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation suggests that the existence of more such cases are likely.

The organization reports:

Lack of parental consent for abortions in Pennsylvania is egregious under any circumstances and violates a key provision of the 1989 Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, which was the basis of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling known as Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Other provisions of the landmark law include a 24-hour waiting period for abortions and informed consent, meaning that a woman must be told the risks of abortion and alternatives to abortion prior to an abortion taking place.

Ironically, the Health Department report also shows that the Philadelphia Women’s Center “failed to establish a patient safety committee, as required by the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act of 2002.”

In addition, Health Department inspectors found in February that the abortion center “failed to establish an infection control committee.”

Maria Gallagher, the pro-life group’s legislative director, called the violations “egregious.”

“It’s outrageous when an abortion center does not obtain parental consent for chemical abortions,” Gallagher told LifeNews. “Parental rights should be honored—especially when it comes to abortion, which is the taking of an innocent, unrepeatable human life.”

Pennsylvania is currently one of 37 states which require some form of parental involvement before a minor child can abort her own child. Recently, however, states such as Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island considered pro-abortion bills to end their parental involvement laws.

As we’ve recently reported, the push from the abortion industry to make chemical abortion more accessible at home amid the coronavirus pandemic could dovetail with pro-abortion voices targeting teens on social media and abortion-normalizing “homeschool” materials promoted while children are out of school.

The only way we won’t see this swirl into a perfect storm of children aborting children is by the mighty hand of God and the effectual prayer of His righteous saints!

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