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Utah Becomes Latest State to Ban Transgender Athletes From Girls’ Sports

“When we say, ‘This isn’t a problem in our state,’ what we say to those girls is, ‘Sit down, be quiet and make nice.’”

Black-Clad, Shouting Mob Disrupts UNT Event for Father Who Fought Son’s Gender Transition

Antifa-style protesters at the University of North Texas loudly disrupted an event at which Jeff Younger, a father whose legal fight to prevent his ex-wife from socially and medically transitioning their 9-year-old son has gained national attention. Protesters chanted profanities and screamed at Younger in the classroom where the event...

Devastated Mother Whose Teen Committed Suicide After State Intervened In Gender Transition Issues Heartbreaking Warning

“When parents are excluded from decisions about their child's health and well-being at school, it sends the message to their children that their parents’ input or authority is no longer needed.”

Transgender UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas Sets Pool Record, Wins Women’s Title  

"Lia Thomas is a biological male swimming against biological females. Whether she identifies as a girl is irrelevant to the fact that she was born a male, went through puberty as a male, and swam on the mens team for 3 years. Protect women’s sports."

WI Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Challenging School Gender Transition Policy

“School policies that exclude parents from children’s gender identity decisions are harming children across the country. We are hopeful that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will take the lead in protecting a parent’s right to be a parent."

YouTube Flags John MacArthur Sermon As “Hate Speech” for Stating Biblical Views on Gender

"If Americans don't stop big tech, this new Regime will circumvent the Constitution to foreclose our fundamental rights to speak and exercise religion and the impact will be devastating."

Gender Book Containing Explicit Content Pulled From Loudoun County School Libraries  

“The sexually explicit illustrations which have gotten significant media and public attention may only appear on a handful of pages, but sexual themes are pervasive throughout the book. And, the sexually explicit illustrations themselves cannot be ignored.”

Some Trans Prisoners “Switch Gender,” Go Back to Male Identity After Placement in Women’s Prisons, Study Says

“Single-sex prisons need to be reinstated immediately; the prison service has already shown it is capable of safely housing men, however they identify, in the male estate.”

UK Supreme Court Upholds Gender Binary-Only Options for Passports

“There is no legislation in the United Kingdom which recognizes a non-gendered category of individuals."

Texas Gender Clinic Criticized for Giving Puberty Blockers to Children Closes Down

"There is plenty that the medical profession can offer children with gender dysphoria, or Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria that deals with the heart of the problem without permanently damaging their bodies."

Fairfax County Parents Outraged Over School Survey on Kids’ Sexual Activity, Gender Identity

“Is it the school’s role to know whether our children are sexually active, how many partners they’ve had?”

Progressives Object to Removing “Gender Queer” Graphic Novel From Schools Despite Pornographic Images

It does seem reasonable enough to expect that if images from a book are enough to get users censored on social media, it does not seem like it would be controversial to remove them from public school libraries, don’t you think?

State Department Issues First Gender “X” U.S. Passport

“Intersex, nonbinary, and transgender people need identity documents that accurately reflect who we are, and having mismatched documents can create problems with safety and visibility."

CA Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Requiring Toy Stores Feature “Gender Neutral” Section

“Part of it is to make sure if you’re a young girl that you can find a police car, fire truck, a periodic table or a dinosaur. And then similarly, if you’re a boy, if you’re more artistic and want to play with glitter, why not? Why should you feel the stigma of saying, ‘Oh, this should be shamed’ and going to a different location?”

Transgender Olympian Laurel Hubbard Named “Sportswoman of the Year” By New Zealand University

"It is not possible," Hubbard said, "for athletes to complete at the Olympic level without the encouragement and aroha of friends, family and supporters. This award belongs to everyone who has been part of my Olympic journey."

Illinois to Begin Teaching Gender Expression As Young as Kindergarten Under New Curriculum

“We are delegating all authority to an unaccountable national group that can change these standards at any given moment with no check at the state level or the school level."

Virginia Teachers Join Lawsuit Asking Judge to Halt Transgender Pronoun Policy

“Public employees cannot be forced to contradict their core beliefs just to keep a job. Freedom — of speech and religious exercise — includes the freedom not to speak messages against our core beliefs.”

Top Gender Reassignment Surgeon Developing Procedure to Transfer Genitalia Between Patients

“We are striving to find a way to use all genital organs that are planned for removal in transition surgery to improve the lives of others who request this surgery and enable them to lead a normal life.”

Scotland to Allow Children As Young As Four to Choose Gender At School Without Parental Consent

“This guidance outlines how schools can support transgender young people while ensuring that the rights of all pupils are fully respected."

Harvard Medical Professor Branded As “Transphobic” for Addressing “Biological Reality” About Gender

"I had to learn how to put my emotions aside and dispassionately analyze evidence. This wasn’t easy but learning how to do it ultimately empowered me, and helped me to become a clearer thinker and a better scientist. I learned to think this way because of caring professors who treated me as a rational adult.”

Judge Rules Against Texas Father Who Opposes Child’s Gender Transition, Gives Him Limited Visitation Rights

Younger insists that James does not want to live as a girl, and does not behave as though he identifies as a girl when he is with him or with people other than his mother.

Virginia School Board Unanimously Votes Against Adopting State Standards for Transgender Students

“I believe parents want to have your backs if you stand up and vote no to the liberal agenda. They do not trust the government. They want to send their children to public school, but they will not be told how to raise their children.”

POLL: Only 35% of Democrats Support Allowing Transgender Athletes to Compete According to Gender Identity

This is certainly compelling data at a time when legislation is popping up in state legislatures around the country that seek to either prevent women and girls from competing against biological males or to compel schools and colleges to allow transgender individuals to compete against athletes whose biological gender corresponds with their gender identity.

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