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WATCH: “13 Reasons Why” Star Tommy Dorfman Comes Out As Transgender

“Thrilled to reintroduce myself as the woman i am today."

Arkansas Law Banning Transgender Treatment for Children Blocked By Federal Judge After ACLU Suit

"This ruling sends a clear message to states across the country that gender affirming care is life-saving care, and we won't let politicians in Arkansas — or anywhere else — take it away," the ACLU of Arkansas’ executive director, Holly Dickson, said of the decision.

Louisiana House Defeats Bill Protecting Gender-Specific High School Sports, Upholding Governor Veto

The bill passed with the minimum number of votes needed to override a governor’s veto in the Senate, but failed to reach this mark in the House, narrowly missing the 70 votes it needed to do so.

Sports Illustrated Features First Transgender Cover Model in 2021 Swimsuit Edition

“This moment heals a lot of pain in the world. We deserve this moment; we have waited millions of years to show up as survivors and be seen as full humans filled with wonder."

New “Pregnant Man” and Gender-Neutral “Pregnant Person” May Be Included in Next Emoji Update

“Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person are new, and recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people. These are additions to the existing Pregnant Woman emoji."

California’s Female Prisoners Struggle for Advocacy As Transgender Inmate Transfers Raise Concerns

"All of the organizations who usually work on prisoners' rights are not speaking out on this — they either want to stay neutral, or they're in favor of the law."

Britain’s NHS Tells Trans Staff They May Use Facilities That Correspond With Gender Identity

“Should there be any objections to this [entitlement], a manager will deal with the objections in a sensitive and understanding way while not denying the trans person access to facilities appropriate to their lived gender."

Iowa Aquatic Center Allowed Female Teen to Use Men’s Section, Walk Around Facility Topless Due to Male Gender Identity

“When brought to the facility’s attention, they explained there was nothing they could do."

Americans Will Soon No Longer Need Medical Documentation to Change Gender on Passports

"The Department has begun moving towards adding a gender marker for non-binary, intersex, and gender non-conforming persons applying for a passport."

Transgender Contestant Beats Out 21 Women to Win Miss Nevada USA

“Today I am a proud transgender woman of color. Personally, I’ve learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than.”

Biden Education Dept. Issues “Dear Educator” Letter To Warn Teachers of Transgender Discrimination

“Today, the Biden administration single-handedly turned Title IX on its head to say that women are discriminating against men when they have concerns about men being called ‘women,’ using their locker rooms, competing on their sports teams, or taking away their championships and scholarship opportunities.”

Documentary Explores Oft-Ignored Criticism of “Gender Affirming” Healthcare for Children

There is no doubt that the conversation surrounding transgender health care for children is one that is fraught with emotion and complexities, but all too often, any perspective other than the mainstream is met with hostility.

Biden Education Dept. Extends Title IX Protections To Transgender Students

“Some schools, especially in the states where there is legislation, will simply ignore what the federal government says.”

U.K. Appeals Court Rules Employers Cannot Punish Workers for Believing Gender Is Biological

High Court judge Mr. Justice Chowdhury noted that Forstater’s views "may well be profoundly offensive and even distressing" to some but still "must be tolerated in a pluralist society.”

A Majority of Americans Support Restricting Trans Athletes to Teams That Correspond With Birth Gender

“Those who know someone who is trans (40%) are more likely to say trans athletes should be able to play on a team of their gender identity than are people who do not know someone who is transgender (31%),” Gallup said.

Christian Teacher On Leave After Declaring Transgender Affirmation Is “Lying to Kids,” Against His Religion

“I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl, and vice versa, because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child. It’s abuse to a child. And it’s sinning against our God.”

Illinois K-12 Sex Ed Bill Heads To Governor’s Desk, Promotes “Culturally Appropriate” Gender Theory

A bill implementing a new sexual education curriculum across the state of Illinois has passed in the legislature in spite of massive Republican opposition and is now headed for Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker's desk for signature. According to Capitol News Illinois, the bill passed the state House on Friday after...

Biden Admin Reverses Trump Policy, Forces Hospitals to Perform “Gender Reassignment” Procedures

"This policy is really about forcing hospitals and medical professionals to adhere to leftist ideology regarding sexuality and gender—and in particular to provide sex-change procedures to all comers, including children."

New Zealand Weightlifter Could Soon Become First Transgender Athlete to Compete in Olympics

"The NZOC can confirm that revised international federation (IF) qualification systems are very likely to see a number of New Zealand weightlifters, including Commonwealth Games transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard, allocated an IF quota spot for Tokyo 2020."

2021 Sees Unprecedented Number of Bills Targeting Gender in Sports, Transgender Treatments for Kids

Many bills seek to restrict access to medical options for "gender reassignment" such as hormone therapy or surgery. One such bill in Texas designates such therapies for children as child abuse.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Bill Requiring Transgender Athletes To Compete According To “Assigned” Gender

Other states, however, have vowed not to pass legislation protecting women's and girls' sports in favor of accommodating transgender athletes.

Illinois House Passes Bill to Make Changing Gender on Birth Certificate Easier

HB9 would enable the official documents to be changed without approval from a doctor. Prior to 2018, Illinois only allowed those who had undergone surgery to legally change their birth certificate.

Biden Administration Sues to Force Doctors to Perform Transgender Surgeries

“This is bad for patients, doctors, and religious liberty."

Christian College Sues Feds Over Order Requiring Dormitories To Be Opened By Gender Identity

“Religious freedom is under attack in America, and we won’t stand on the sidelines and watch,”

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