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Is Sex Ed Reducing Pregnancy and STDs Among Teens….Or Having the Opposite Effect?

Sex ed in our public schools is an absolute nightmare. "Health" classes have long been transformed into institutionalized Teen Vogue columns, teaching children about sex for pleasure, gender identity, and homosexuality. 

You Won’t Believe How Many Children In the UK Are Being Sent to Sex Change Clinics

We've documented some disturbing trends in attitudes towards gender coming out of the UK recently, including the case of a little boy who was made to live as a boy by his mother for years before a judge removed the child from her care. In this case, the mother seemed fully convinced her son wanted to be a girl, although he was probably only five years old when she decided this. 

North Carolina Throws in the Towel in the Bathroom Debate

Last year, North Carolina became the center of the transgender bathroom debate with the passing of HB 142, which forbade biological men from using the women's restroom or locker room despite what they were trying to convince themselves and others with their outward appearance. 

Sex Doll Brothels Pave the Way for Fulfillment of These Despicable Sex Fantasies

It truly is ironic how, following a revolution in the US and abroad over the last half-century that has dramatically changed Western attitude towards sex, marriage, and gender roles, women seem to have willingly demoted themselves to sexual objects with no requirement for commitment: the perfect male fantasy.

Drag Queen Story Hour Features Book to Encourage Feminizing Young Boys and MC From Gay Strip Club

"Jenayah" can normally be found appearing at Oz Springfield, a nude male strip club in Springfield MA, and also at Xroom, which features a delightful-sounding event called "Excuse Our Beauty" in which grown men dress up like the little girls in "Toddlers in Tiaras" and perform on a stage flanked by nude male dancers.

Wyoming Man (Who Claims to Be a Woman) Convicted of Child Rape

There is absolutely no reason on God's green earth that grown men should be allowed to enter into bathrooms with little girls. Period. 

Prestigious British Boarding School Will Soon Allow Boys In Girls’ Dorms If They Utter This Simple Phrase

Great Britain's prestigious and competitive boarding schools are a cultural institution in the UK, but, like so many other cultural institutions, they are drowning in the culture war.

Australian Man Who Wants to Be a Woman Also Wants to Play Soccer…As a Woman

Ok, so this is confusing. Try to keep up. Why is life this confusing now? We do not know. But it's a mess, especially when you combine transgenderism, the word "football", and the metric system. So bear with me. 

Is Your Child Being Assigned This Disgusting, Pornographic Novel in High School?

The novel centers around the life of "Offred", a "handmaid" in the dystopian world of Atwood's creation in which Christian fundamentalists have taken over the United States and placed women in a position of sexual servitude, mandating they bear their master's children ala Hagar, Abraham, and Sarah, and walk around in outfits that cover their whole bodies and most of their faces.

Apparently, Passports Are Also Transphobic. When Will It End?

The anti-science transgender lobby seems determined to stop at nothing until literally every single facet of life on earth is gender-neutral, it seems. 

The Bizarre Way Denmark Defines Pregnancy as Transphobic and Abortion as a Right to Life

You've probably heard that Northern Europe is pretty nutty, between the socialism, "multiculturalism", and political correctness, but Denmark seems to be competing at the UN for the title of the most infuriatingly leftist nation on the planet.

‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ to Brainwash Kids With This Leftist Talking Point

'The Magic School Bus' was a favorite among 90's kids, and, much like 'Bill Nye the Science Guy,' Netflix thought it would be a good idea to reboot the show for kids and nostalgic grownups alike.

Virginia Tech Resident Advisers Required to Attend LGBT Event–Or Else

College campuses have been almost completely morphed into SJW echo chambers over the last few decades, and yet it is still shocking to hear what Virginia Tech's administration is requiring of its resident advisers this semester.

Is Sex Change Reversal Surgery on the Rise?

Despite the names often used for this type of plastic surgery such as "gender reconstruction surgery" and "sex change operation", it does not actually change one's gender. It is also crazy that we have to clarify this in this day and age. It is true, however, that no matter how many times one goes under the knife, they will not become the opposite sex, as gender is determined by biology. 

Apparently, Women’s Self Defense Is Now Considered Racist

If ever you have thought that the left calls everything racist, well, I bet you didn't think of this. Yes, the left is now trying to claim that women's self-defense is embedded in white supremacy and xenophobia. 

Incredible Testimony: From Drag Queen to Child of the King!

The saving power of Jesus Christ can transform anyone--never forget that! This is not what the world tells us. The world tells us if someone is homosexual or transgender, there's nothing they can do to change, even if they want to. They were made this way for a reason, and it is bigotry to even suggest they seek help, even if they want it.

Why The Boy Scouts’ New Policy Embodies Everything Wrong With America

What the entire movement of gender confusion and gender equity is based on is that if little boys and little girls don't like something about their life, right down to their very biology, they can simply complain enough until adults change it for them. 

How Liberals Use Columbus Day to Confirm Their Own Narrative and Push Lies

Ah, Columbus Day. As many of us are taking a day off from work and relaxing to be with friends and family, maybe taking part in a local parade liberals are getting to work. After all, this is one of the two biggest days of the year for a fruitful virtue signaling harvest! 

What Do the NFL, George Soros, and Planned Parenthood Have in Common?

Just in case you needed another reason to believe the NFL's anthem protests were a direct slap in the face from the left, you won't believe what new documents have revealed about who the NFL's union has been donating to and associated with.

What Happens When You Remove A Boy From the Care of a Mother Who Made Him Live As a Girl?

It doesn't matter that 70-80% of people who have transgender feelings as children outgrow them as they age, the LGBT agenda insists that children of all ages should be allowed to freely "express" their "gender identity" and that if parents inhibit this sacred right, they will cause irreparable damage in their transgender children. 

New York City Public Library’s Freaky Halloween Event for Children With Autism

Because it is 2017, apparently inviting young library patrons to attend story time in their costumes and handing out candy corn was not edgy enough for the New York Public Library. 

Guess What Kind of Students Will Now Be Admitted Into This Prestigious All-Girls College?

Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge was founded in the 50's to provide a place for women of all backgrounds to study at the prestigious UK university. It has been strictly women-only since it's founding, that is, until now. 

This Recent Ruling in Brazil is a Victory for Conversion Therapy Advocates

It is absolutely absurd to live in a world where patients are banned from seeking the kind of therapy they feel they need to cope with an issue that plagues them, but that's exactly the kind of world we live in. Fortunately, in Brazil, a recent ruling has restored a bit of sanity to this world. 

Tasteless Leftists Make the Last Vegas Shooting All About Them

Mere hours after terror reigned down on thousands of concert-goers in Las Vegas last night, killing at least 59 and wounding 515, leftists took to social media to offer their condolences and prayers. And by condolences and prayers, I mean they politicized and even celebrated the still-unfolding tragedy. 

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