Parents and Churches Holding Naming Ceremonies for Transgender Children


One of the disturbing hallmarks of modern progressivism is the sexualization of children and how kids at younger and younger ages are being exposed to LGBT ideology, much of which is geared toward brainwashing them into believing these practices are normal, natural, healthy, and ultimately acceptable.

This is especially true of transgenderism, as parents are allowing — sometimes forcing — kids who say they believe they are the opposite gender to take hormone therapy in order to actually, physically become the gender they identify with.

Obviously this is a sham, as a person, no matter how much work they do to the outside of their body, cannot change their DNA which will always and forever identify them as either a male or a female.

The latest action being taken by parents and transgender youth to push for normalcy in this lifestyle choice is a naming ceremony, which is being hailed as a “rite of passage.”

What’s worse is that churches are actually supporting this too.

Fox KTVU has more details:

About a year ago, Jonah and Dani Gabriel’s daughter came to the couple with an announcement.
The 8-year-old announced he was a boy.

“He was very definitive when he first came to us and said he was a boy,’’ said Dani Gabriel, 40, of El Cerrito.

“We had always had a sense of him as a non-gender normative person. He was never one of those kids who fit into a stereotypical gender role,’’ his mother said. “All gendered stuff was cool to (him). There was not ‘I have to dress up in boys clothes or princess stuff all the time.’”

After family discussions, soul searching, and time, the 8-year-old slowly transitioned and ultimately chose a new name: Samson “Sam” Red Gabriel.

“It all started in kindergarten,’’ the 9-year-old Sam said of choosing his name. “I had a crush on a boy named Sam and I always loved the color red. My name is Samson Red Gabriel and I love it.”

Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California, who oversees 27,000 communicants, speaks quite highly of the practice and of this little girl’s new choice of name.

“The name Samson is a remarkable choice, It’s a very strong figure, a great leader…” Rev. Andrus said.

He must have missed the part of the story of Samson in the Bible where he continuously disobeyed God, became haughty in his pride, and eventually paid a hefty price for his behavior before being redeemed.

Although the girl chose her new name, she still didn’t feel whole, desiring to have her lifestyle affirmed and accepted by others, which is why she decided to have a renaming ceremony at Rev. Andrus’ church, who was perfectly fine with that choice.

It is truly disturbing to see a church completely abandon the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and exchange their salt and light for dank, dark rottenness and corruption. They have left their first love, trading acceptance by God for the acceptance of man.

Churches like this are doing a great disservice to the LGBT community by not standing on the Word of God and calling them to repentance, pointing out their sin and the danger their souls are in without the gospel of Christ. Ultimately, Rev. Andrus will have to give an account before God for the souls he lead astray, that he encouraged to walk in the darkness of sin, and he will live to regret not being a man faithful to Christ.

In the meantime, this young girl has had her mental illness — gender dysphoria — celebrated, encouraged, and affirmed, setting her up for all kinds of psychological and emotional trauma now and later in life.

Truly tragic.