Parents Ignored As Pro-Gay Groups Push Controversial LGBT display In Children’s Section of Tax Payer Funded Library


The LGBTQ movement in America has been applying much of their time and energy on finding new and creative ways to shove their worldview down the intellectual and spiritual gullets of children across the country and it doesn’t look like this strategy, though morally bankrupt, is going to stop any time soon.

It all started with radical changes made to sex education programs, forcing young children — in some places as young as five-years-old — to learn in depth about homosexuality and transgenderism through curriculum that attempts to normalize these behaviors and even encourages them.

Now, however, the indoctrination is being pushed outside of public schools having infected the local library in Temple, Texas.

Apparently, pro-gay groups have been placing their propaganda materials in the children’s section of the library and any attempts made by concerned parents to negotiate about the visibility of such material has failed.

Thankfully, God is raising up a group of faithful, bold men and women to stand in the gap and fight back against these groups who have made it clear they are not at all interested in listening to the voices of those concerned about having their children exposed to this junk at so young an age.

Here’s a Facebook post from Rober Oscar Lopez who held a live Facebook broadcast about this situation and the action being taken to protect the children of Temple:

It is extremely important to support our brothers and sisters in the faith who are taking a stand on behalf of our children by protecting them against being exposed to homosexual propaganda outside of the home where parents can thoughtfully engage this worldview with biblical truth.

God created the institution of marriage and imbued it with authority to be the main conduit through which society would be built, flourish, and ultimately spread a vision for His glory.

What the LGBTQ community is attempting to do is undermine the traditional family established by God and replace it with something that is counterfeit and forbidden in Scripture, with the left using the momentum from this movement to usurp authority from this sacred institution and consolidate it in the state.

It’s critical for us as believers to live out our faith in the real world by boldly opposing the kind of measures being taken by these groups to destroy what God has created.

If you are interested in being part of this conversation, be sure to share this story around and make sure people are made aware of what’s happening in Texas and other parts of the country.