Parents Of Gender-Confused Kids Beg Surgeon General To Investigate “Transition Therapy” Health Risks


Parents of children harmed by the growing eagerness of the medical community to affirm gender confusion with hormones, drugs, and surgery are now standing up and speaking out.

Late last month, The Kelsey Coalition, a group dedicated to protecting children from medical and psychological harm, minced no words in their petition to U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams to raise awareness about the harms of hormonal treatments and gender reassignment surgeries performed on children with increasing regularity. 

“Parents who consent to these treatments are often misled to believe that their child will be at greater risk of suicide if they do not. There is no evidence to support this claim. In Oregon, parental consent is irrelevant: the law allows 15-year-olds to receive state-subsidized hormonal treatments and surgeries without parental knowledge or permission,” the petition says. 

The petition also noted serious concerns about the speed with which a child can go from their very first visit with a doctor to irreversible “therapy” or surgery: “An increasing number of ‘informed consent’ clinics provide cross-sex hormones to young people after only one or two visits. These clinics do not require mental or physical health assessments. Surgeries may be obtained within months.”

The petition continues:

In the past, hormones and surgeries were offered only to adults with a lifelong history of severe and unremitting distress, and only after extensive medical and psychological screening. Yet these same life-altering medical procedures are now offered to young people based on feelings that are likely to change with time, brain maturity, and non-invasive therapy.

The medical literature on the health effects of hormonal interventions “in the pediatric/adolescent population is completely lacking.” A recent large cohort study, which tracked nearly 4,000 transgender-identifying adults receiving hormone therapy for an average of eight years, found that women’s risk of heart attack tripled while men’s risk of developing venous thromboembolism became five times greater. The full extent of the medical harms of hormonal treatments — prescribed for lifetime usage — will not be realized for many years.

The only long-term follow-up study among adults who surgically transitioned found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalizations. These risks did not become apparent until ten years after transition.

An increasing number of young people are beginning to express their painful regret of surgeries and hormonal interventions that have irreversibly impacted their health, appearance, fertility, and sexual function. Many report that they did not receive proper counseling and were not encouraged to consider non-invasive options.

We respectfully and urgently request your consideration of a Call to Action to increase public awareness and alert healthcare professionals to this critical public health matter. As the Nation’s Doctor who has pledged to lead with science, a Call to Action will encourage an evidence-based treatment approach to the exponentially growing number of gender-questioning young people who are currently subjected to serious medical harms and irreversible fertility risks.

According to The Christian Post, the petition was supported heartily by folks like Lynn Millican, founder of the Lupron Victims Hub, and Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist who has been one of the most vocal doctors to speak out about the dangers “transition therapy.”

“Understand that mega-doses of testosterone are being given to teenage girls, some 10 to 40 times higher than what is normal for their body. Is it any wonder that follow-up studies in adults have shown an increased risk of myocardial infarction and death at these doses?” Laidlaw said to CP. “Puberty is not a disease,” he emphasized, declaring that hormone-happy doctors are in fact causing disease with these dubious therapies.

“As the Surgeon General is the nation’s doctor and has shown great leadership in the opioid crisis, we expect a thorough examination and action to stop these harmful, life-altering, unproven medical treatments,” he said.

CP reports that The Kelsey Coalition is also petitioning the federal government for an investigation into a $5.7 million National Institutes of Health research grant that was awarded to four pediatric gender clinics in 2015 for a five-year study in which children are currently being given these treatments with no control group. To put it simply, our federal tax dollars are going toward patently unscientific “transanity” studies!

According to their website, The Kelsey Coalition is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to “promote policies and laws that protect young people from medical and psychological harms.”

“Our inspiration is the courageous FDA pharmacologist Dr. Frances Kelsey, whose refusal to authorize thalidomide for market use in 1961 prevented thousands of serious birth defects and helped strengthen FDA oversight of the pharmaceutical industry,” their website reads. “Dr. Kelsey’s bravery in the face of immense corporate and political pressure has inspired us to speak truth to power, regardless of the personal cost or strength of our opposition.”

Amen!! We must fight for our children, no matter the cost. Keep your eye on great things coming from The Kelsey Coalition!

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