Parents Of Teens Harassed By Rep. Brian Sims Just Raised Over $100k For Philly Pro-Life Union


While the antics of the pro-abortion movement grow increasingly uncivilized and violent, those of us on the receiving end of their rage must never stoop to their level.

Instead, we must follow the example of Joe and Ashley Garecht, the parents of the teenage girls harassed on camera by Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims, who chose to turn a deeply negative experience into an incredibly positive gesture.

If Rep. Sims wants to target and harass peaceful citizens praying for the women and children who come in and out of Philadelphia abortion mills, he’s going to have his work cut out for him now that the Garechts have stepped in.

Though they have every right to hold Sims accountable for his shameful treatment of their 13- and 15-year-old daughters—including offering $100 on social media to “dox” them and find their personal information—the Garechts instead started a GoFundMe campaign titled, “Show Brian Sims the Power of the Pro-Life Movement.”

Little did the Garechts know just how apt the fundraiser’s title would be when they first launched. In just four days, the family had exceeded their $100,000 goal and raised a staggering $121,985 for the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

“It means the world to us that people have rallied around our family during this difficult time,” Mr. Garecht said. “The prayers and words of encouragement have been amazing and have sustained our entire family.”

Not only does the Pro-Life Union equip people to minister to people outside abortion clinics, Garecht reported that the organization also “provides thousands of diapers, wipes, articles of clothing for babies, and resources to mothers in need; operates a home caring for pregnant mothers; and so much more.”

“We are beyond blessed to see people motivated to help the pro-life movement in the Greater Philadelphia region,” Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia’s president and CEO, Tom Stevens, told Fox News. “In 2018, there were 15,821 abortions performed at abortion centers in the Greater Philadelphia area alone. While our hearts are broken for the unborn and for their moms and dads, we are also filled with hope by this great outpouring of support for life.”

The surpassing of the Garecht’s original $100k goal came just a day ahead of a massive pro-life rally sparked by Sims’ disgusting and unacceptable behavior and organized by Matt Walsh, Abby Johnson, and others moved by Sims’ victims.

For his part, Mr. Garecht certainly put Sims in his place in the fundraiser’s description, telling the disgraced representative, “Brian, if you have a problem with my wife and daughters praying outside of an abortion clinic, I’m the one you can talk to… instead of harassing teenage girls.”

Shortly after bragging about harassing peaceful citizens blew up in his face, Sims offered a stone-faced non-apology, saying “I can do better,” but never actually apologizing. Planned Parenthood issued a statement saying that it did “not condone…Sims’ approach,” but still hailed him as a “champion” for their gruesome cause.

Calls for Rep. Sims to resign amid his disgraceful behavior continue to grow. And Then There Were None leader Abby Johnson declared Sims “absolutely unfit to serve” and challenged him to a face-to-face discussion at Friday’s rally—a challenge he apparently did not accept.

“Just the fact that he’s an adult male interacting aggressively with teenage girls, that alone is inappropriate,” Mrs. Garecht told Fox News. “Him being a politician doesn’t just supersede him being an adult man aggressively approaching teenage women.”

Still, the Garechts are committed to pray for Rep. Sims and fight his darkness with light. Their example, and that of their brave young daughters, is one we can all follow.


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