Parents Outraged After CA Teacher Hands Out Gender Identity Worksheet On First Day Of School


If public schools want to push pro-LGBT and gender identity curriculum, they’re going to meet their match in parents who refuse to stay silent and accept institutionalized sexual perversion without a fight.

After Luis Davila Alvarado, a science teacher at Denair Middle School in Northern California middle school attempted to explain his own gender confusion and preference for the title “Mx” rather than “Mr” with a gender identity worksheet on the first day of school, parents rightfully spoke out.

The worksheet, created by Trans Student Education Resources, invites students to explore and itemize all the different facets of their gender, including their gender identity, gender expression, “assigned sex” (because the sex indicated by your genitalia when you first came into the world is only a tiny fraction of your gender makeup, of course), and which people you feel sexually and emotionally attracted to:

How ironic that this confusing, condescending, wholly inappropriate piece of trash was shared by a science teacher.

In a statement to The Modesto Bee, Denair Unified School District Superintendent Terry Metzger clarified that the handout “was not an assignment and students were not required or asked to fill it out.” Metzger also acknowledged that parents had not been notified by the teacher or the district about the handout and Alvarado did not seek permission from the principal before pushing this garbage on his students. 

USA Today reported that roughly 50 students received the handouts before the principal stepped in.

Metzger added that the school principal “happened to be in his second-period class as part of her routine visits on the first day of school. When she saw the content of the handout, she spoke with the teacher and directed him to stop distributing it.”

“The principal and I have spoken with the teacher about why we believe this was a poor decision,” Metzger explained. “Any discipline is a private matter between the district and employee.”

Still, Metzger protested that “only a handful of parents have called to express their concern.”

Only a “handful”? Highly unlikely.

According to The Daily Mail, the stepparent of one student posted their thoughts on this issue on Facebook, saying, “The teacher said that because he was transgender and the kids had lots of questions, he thought this would be beneficial to them. Which is the most bulls— excuse I’ve ever heard. I don’t care what you identify as, that’s your decision. But NO ONE has the right to ask my child these questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are teaching in a classroom.”

“Let’s say the kids are confused about what to call him/her. How in hell does this … clear up any confusion about him/her?!?!” another irate parent commented. “What a crock of s***!” 

One grandparent told Fox40, “I’ve talked to a lot of parents and a lot of grandparents and I know a lot of them have called the school and complained about it.” 

Folks, this is just the tip of the transanity iceberg into which our school system is ready to crash. Their goal is to infiltrate the education system to make it “trans-friendly,” as well as to arm students to do the legwork.

Trans Student Educational Resources, the creators of the handout, outline their mission on their website:

Trans Student Educational Resources is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment. In addition to our focus on creating a more trans-friendly education system, our mission is to educate the public and teach trans activists how to be effective organizers. We believe that justice for trans and gender nonconforming youth is contingent on an intersectional framework of activism. Ending oppression is a long-term process that can only be achieved through collaborative action.

If you still have children or grandchildren in the public school system, it’s only a matter of time before this madness hits home. Are you going to wait for that to happen?


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