Parents Outraged That Junior High Library Carries EXPLICIT Sex Ed Magazine


Here at The Activist Mommy, it is our goal to not only wake parents and Christians up to the systematic corruption of our children but also to encourage parents to stand up and speak out.

So we are always excited when we see parents banding together to do just that! Parents, don’t ever underestimate how powerful your voices are or how capable you are of effecting real change.

Parents of junior high students attending the Pineville School District in New Jersey are setting a great example for the rest of us this week by adamantly opposing the presence of a highly inappropriate “sex ed” magazine in the school library.

The magazine, “Sex, etc.” embodies everything we have come to expect from modern sex “education.” Rather than containing simple biological facts, it encourages, normalizes, and graphically describes sex as a casual activity rather than an incredibly serious act of intimacy that has very real risks and repercussions.

The magazine is typically carried by high school libraries, where it would still be entirely inappropriate, but parents who packed into the library for a Board of Education meeting felt it was far too much for junior high students.

The magazines on display in the Pinelands Junior High library include articles like “Where do you stand on Friends With Benefits?” and “The clitoris and pleasure: What you should know.” Let this sink in: this magazine, available to junior-high students, is promoting the idea of casual sex and intimate details of female anatomy.

Even worse, one of the copies of “Sex, etc” at the school library included a Q&A from a 14-year-old asking about a recent experience with oral sex.

Another featured cover art showing a cell phone screen with emojis of tacos and eggplants, modern internet innuendo for female and male genitalia, with the words “whatever your sex, gender, or size…it’s perfectly normal” written under them.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate,” said Cat Williams, who has a child in the school district. “You want them to come to you with questions,” she added.

“That’s why there are a lot of teen pregnancies out there — crap like this,” said her partner, Glenn Muso, who has two children in the district.

Pinelands school board member Stephen Kubricki urged his fellow board members to vote to remove the magazine from the junior high school, saying the magazine “a level of graphic and explicit images and text which goes beyond valuable information.”

They are certainly correct! It is a parent’s job to teach children about sex, not some magazine that makes sex seem hip, casual, and cool.

Make sure your child’s school is not carrying this perverted magazine!