Parents Protest Indiana School District Allowing Children To Use Bathrooms According to “Gender Identity”


In recent years, bathrooms and locker rooms have become one of the foremost frontiers in the battle for transgender “rights” over those of actual women and girls.

While virtually no public space is free from transgender tyranny, public schools are among the worst offenders as they put their female students at risk by allowing gender-confused male students to use these girls-only spaces if they simply “identify” as girls. 

One father in Indiana, after learning that daughters’ school district had adopted such a policy, is fighting back.

“It has been confirmed by both Manchester Elementary Principal Korus and Superintendent Dr. Gremaux that this is happening NOW,” reads a petition by Nate Gephart, a self-described angry father of four daughters in North Manchester School system. “Boys can now go to the bathroom with your daughters.  And yes, girls… can now go to your son’s bathroom.”

DID YOU KNOW…Manchester School Corporation is now allowing BOYS that IDENTIFY as GIRLS to use the girls bathroom and…

Posted by Nate Gephart on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Judging by the response to Gephart’s Facebook post, it appears that Manchester Community Schools didn’t so much as lift a finger to notify parents of the new policy. And why should they? After all, children are the property of the state and its schools first and foremost, and parents who oppose the LGBT agenda are simply bigots who don’t know what’s best for their children, as teachers elsewhere have already declared

In a statement posted on Twitter, the district claimed that, in fact, no new policy has been adopted and its schools are simply acting in accordance with federal law under Title IX:

“Transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom and locker room that corresponds with their gender identity,” the statement from Superintendent Teresa Gremaux reads. 

Students who are “uncomfortable” with using the bathroom or changing their clothes alongside members of the opposite sex are provided with “an alternate facility to use,” Gremaux adds.

As we’ve seen in other schools, however, “alternate facilities” are a poor substitute for the normal use of a bathroom or locker room. Often, the supply of such private rooms fails to meet the demand, usually of girls, who no longer feel safe using the girls’ rooms. In England, girls are even skipping school or risking infection by refusing to urinate in bathrooms shared with boys.

Once more, this demonstrates that“transgender rights” can never be equal rights. If transgenders are to be given the privileges they demand, the rights of others must be considered inferior. There is no middle way.

In his alert, Gephart called on all parents in the area to contact the district superintendent, as well as every principal and board member in the district to let them know that they do not have to interpret Title IX in this manner. 

As we’ve reported in the past, other schools have successfully rejected coed bathroom policies. Manchester can too.

Sign Gephart’s petition here. If you are in the area, join him at the upcoming school board meeting on December 10th to let your voice be heard.

We cannot afford another moment of apathy to this disturbing assault on our daughters’ rights. We cannot allow our schools to indoctrinate our children with “inclusivity” dogma or put their privacy and safety on the line by putting it into practice.

Make your position on this issue clear to your own school district officials now. If we are to win our children’s right to privacy, we must take the fight to every single school in the nation.

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