How These Parents Put a Wrench In the Gears of Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Program


There is a reason we are constantly encouraging parents to keep watch over what their children are reading in magazines, watching on TV, or learning in school. You, as parents, are powerful voices and advocates for your children!

This recent case in Cumberland County, North Carolina proves that parents can make a difference, and protect their children in this increasingly perverted and depraved culture of ours.

When parents caught wind that nine schools in Cumberland County were going to be implementing a sex ed program, “Get Real”, which was designed by abortion mill Planned Parenthood, the complaints began pouring in.

On October 16th, hundreds of parents packed into an informational meeting to voice their objection to the program, which would include directions on how to use a condom and emergency “contraception” as well as positive affirmations of same-sex relationships.

“I don’t need somebody else teaching my kids, as they put it in there, ‘the myths and facts about your sexuality.’ That’s something the parents need to do,” parent Nick Quello told WRAL. “I just don’t think that’s appropriate for a 12-year-old, whether it be a boy or a girl, to be teaching them that.”

WRAL says that Quello, as well as other parents, were also concerned that the lesson plan was coming from Planned Parenthood. This is quite reasonable, as Breitbart News explains,

“The nation’s largest abortion provider faces possible elimination of much of its taxpayer funds following years of scandals, including Medicaid fraud, allegations of child sex abuse cover-up, and, most recently, alleged profiteering from the sale of body parts of babies aborted in its clinics,” they report.

While the school district would have allowed families to opt out of the program if they wished, the parental opposition was so great, that the school board has now decided to suspend “Get Real” as they consider alternatives.

Franklin Graham celebrated the powerful reaction of these parents on his Facebook page today, linking to a lenghty Breitbart article about the perversions of the “Get Real” sex ed program and the Cuberland County parent’s victory.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed extensively over the last few years for their promotion of youth sex, promiscuity, and abortion.

Live Action Network has done a shocking undercover expose of some of these practices, which include teaching young girls about BDSM sex, ignoring statutory rape, and happily assisting pimps with abortions for their 13-year-old prostitutes (they even help him plan out what kind of sex work the girls can do after the procedure.)


Planned Parenthood has no place teaching anyone, let alone children, about healthy and safe sex. They have one agenda, and one only: to promote abortion and profit from it.

Make sure your child is not being exposed to their sinister sex ed curriculum, and remember, you as a parent are powerful! Imagine if we all stood up the way the parents in Cumberland County have?