Pastor Killed in Uganda After He Refused to Move His Church From Location Near Mosque


A Christian pastor has been killed in Uganda after local Islamists took issue with the fact that his church met near their mosque as well as his evangelism among members of the Muslim community.

Morning Star News reports that Pastor Stephen Lugwire of the Bunangwe state was told he would “face the wrath from Allah” as he was struck down by three men dressed in Islamic attire who confronted him in his animals’ grazing fields on October 26.

The men, brandishing long knives and blunt objects, referred to the pastor as a “kafir,” meaning infidel, who had offended against the Muslim faith.

“We have told you to remove the church which is near our mosque, but you have not heeded our message,” the men said, according to his daughter, who was with her father before fleeing once the men attacked him.

“Today you will face the wrath from Allah,” they said.

Lugwire’s daughter alerted her family, who told the police. The next day, he was found dead in his field.

Authorities were alerted that the men might be hiding at the home of a local wealthy Muslim woman, who admitted that she’d aided the murderers and that she believed they’d be rewarded for their actions.

“The servants of Allah entered my house in order to remove the clothes which they were wearing, because they were soaked in blood, and said that they had killed an infidel, hence Allah will reward them as they were following the footsteps of their prophet. Furthermore, the pastor didn’t honor Allah by refusing to demolish the church which was close to the mosque, along with his activities of winning their members to Christianity,” she reportedly told police.

The woman was arrested, but the suspected killers remain at large.

A member of Lugwire’s congregation, however, says that church members alerted a local chairperson, a Muslim, but that he did not take it seriously.

After the pastor’s funeral, church members destroyed a local mosque, heightening tensions.

“Had it not been for the intervention of the police and the local leaders, the whole village could have been on fire,” an unnamed area official said.

Although Muslims make up just 12% of Uganda’s population, the eastern part of the country has high concentrations of adherents.

Earlier this year, a pastor who had converted many Muslims to Christ was killed in a similar attack.

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