Pastor And Priest Advise Rape Victims To Get Abortions


With a culture that has gone completely off the deep end by wildly embracing and rejoicing in the murder of the unborn, there is a deep need for more and more people to boldly stand in the gap for children in the womb.

Hollywood is constantly pushing abortion along with professors, feminists, scientists, and on the list goes. With all of these folks working around the clock, someone needs to give a voice to the voiceless, to fight for the rights of our most vulnerable citizens.

Historically, this responsibility has largely fallen on the shoulders of Christians, and many brave and bold believers have been rebuking the culture at large, protesting Planned Parenthood, and even adopting unwanted children to help combat this scourge.

However, it seems as progressive ideology infects our culture, rotting the foundations of our faith, the church becomes more and more compromised.

In fact, a pastor and a priest both just recommended that two rape victims should murder their babies by having abortions.

LifeNews has more:

Save The 1 has published two recent stories in which the pregnant rape victims’ clergy not only advised them that’s it’s acceptable to abort, but actually encouraged them to do so. One rape victim went through with the abortion, and the other did not. In other words, a pastor was responsible for the death of an innocent unborn child.

Nicole W. Cooley, in her story, A Tale of Two Mothers Who Were Pregnant By Rape, writes: “Unfortunately, the only specific advice came from my pastor. She told me, ‘Let me put your heart at ease. In the eyes of the church, any decision, prayerfully considered, is okay. In your case, I think you should have an abortion. You need to be able to move past this. You should have an abortion.’

“She went on to tell me about her two daughters who had also faced unplanned pregnancies. One had chosen adoption, the other abortion, and both were equally good decisions, she said. She dismissively added, ‘There’s a couple in the church who want to adopt, but, no, you shouldn’t talk to them. You need to have an abortion.’ I remember my heart telling me, ‘Isn’t there something in Psalms about this?’”

Nicole deeply regretted her abortion, and suffered for many years as a result. She says a key component to her healing was her godly husband telling her, “I love you, but what you did was wrong.” Women need to hear the truth.

In her testimonial, From Victimhood to Motherhood, I Chose Joy, Paula K. Peyton explains, the morning after the rape, “I spoke to my priest who was very supportive of me as a rape victim. But she actually took me to Walgreens to buy Plan B, which I never took because it wasn’t something I was comfortable with. I don’t take birth control because I’m not comfortable with it. I already knew Plan B could have the effect of preventing implantation if an embryo was already created. I was worried about STDs, and of course, I was concerned about pregnancy since I knew the timing and that I could be ovulating. I’d had discussions with friends in the past about Plan B and we had talked about not knowing if you would have lost a baby or not, and I had already concluded that it would be horrible not knowing.” When she found out she was pregnant, this same priest also advised her to abort. But Paula says, “the Lord had taken one of the worst things in my life — something so dark and damaging — and He had created life.”

Abortion is the willful, intentional destruction of a human being, an image bearer of God, therefore, it is a full assault on the character of our Creator. This is why it is one of the highest offenses against God and why Christians consider it murder.

God commands us not to murder other image bearers for this distinct purpose. He has entrusted His people with His standards of righteousness and those He has called to be in leadership have a responsibility to uphold the Scriptures, submitting themselves in obedience to all they teach.

Anytime church leaders advocate for abortion, they are abandoning their true calling to be salt and light in the world, losing their savor. What good is salt if it can’t do its duty to preserve?

Let us pray for the church to stand firm on the conviction that abortion is murder, that it needs to be abolished, and that it’s up to those who claim Christ to lead the charge in this critically important work.