Pediatrician Berated By OB After Attempting to Save Abortion Survivor Left to Die


A retired New Jersey pediatrician recalled his incredible story of bravery in standing up for the lives of abortion survivors in an interview with LifeSiteNews this week.

Back in the early ’80s, Dr. Rocco Pascucci was a first-year pediatric resident at a teaching hospital in Monmouth County, New Jersey. One day while working in the neonatal intensive care unit, a cleaning woman came to him with an urgent plea for help that he remembers to this day.

“She told me there was a baby crying on the garbage can in the little treatment room,” he told LifeSite.

He dashed to the four-by-four room where medications were kept and found a tiny, premature baby wrapped in a hospital blanket, crying on top of a metal garbage can.

Pascucci acted quickly, not stopping to consider why the baby had been abandoned in such a cruel manner. He put the baby in a warmer, put him on oxygen, and inserted a line into his umbilical artery, the means by which premature babies receive nutrition. Each of these procedures was part of the standard care given to premature babies, and thanks to Pascucci’s actions, the little boy was stabilized.

For his trouble, Pascucci recalled, “a high-risk OB/GYN came in and yelled at me.”

“He told me I had just saved an abortion,” Pascucci said. “He got into a huff and walked out.”

That’s an abortionist for you, folks! To that doctor, Pascucci saved “an abortion,” not a child. Sickening!

Pascucci later learned that a second-year resident determined that the baby was under 24 weeks’ gestation and was not viable when he survived the abortion.

Pascucci, however, believed that the boy was older than 24 weeks but small for his age, possibly the result of his mother smoking or using drugs during pregnancy.

“The resident said his eyes were fused, but this baby’s eyes were not fused,” Dr. Pascucci said. “He was looking right at me.”

Nurses told Pascucci that it was standard procedure to simply leave these babies on the garbage can until they died.

Pascucci was shocked to find that this evil practice was not a rare occurrence.

“The cleaning lady knew it,” he said. “The nurses knew it.”

Still, these staff members all remained silently complicit for who knows how long while untold numbers of babies born alive were left to die a painful, cold, lonely death in an institution meant to be dedicated to the preservation of life.

It wasn’t until Pascucci became aware of this grisly practice that anything was done to rescue these precious children.

“After the OB yelled at me, I went to the head of pediatrics to talk about what happened,” he told LifeSite’s Leslie Palma. After that, Palma says, “these tiny survivors were given the care they needed.”

Pascucci says he was never able to reunite with the baby he saved that day, but he did keep up with his case. The boy suffered from no long-term health problems as a result of his early delivery and was placed with an adoptive family, all thanks to Pascucci and the housekeeper who called him for help.

Palma’s publication of Dr. Pascucci’s incredible story is quite timely considering the upcoming Senate vote on SB 311, The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Today, the Senate will vote on a motion to consider the bill, which would require lifesaving care and transfer to a hospital for any baby who survives an abortion and impose jail time on abortionists who fail to comply.

“I’m not super-religious or even a big Republican,” Pascucci said of the bill, which to date has only Republican sponsors. “But these are our brothers and sisters, and we’re killing them. If they are born alive, we should try to save them. It’s simple. It’s humanity.”

While we at Activist Mommy will always affirm that we must be rescuing all babies, not just those blessed enough to survive their abortions, Dr. Pascucci’s story is a compelling one. There is simply no telling just how many hospitals and clinics continue to leave children to die these horrific deaths—or how many might continue to do so even in spite of a law being passed.

There are millions of babies just like that little boy who could be with us today if we ended abortion. Millions of little voices that would not be left to wail in a cold room until they become silent.

I pray that each and every one of us would be emboldened with that same courage. Just like these babies were being left to die in Pascucci’s own workplace, they are being slaughtered in our own neighborhoods.

We must continue this fight. We must rescue these children!

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